NOPD video shows police shooting outside CVS

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23 thoughts on “NOPD video shows police shooting outside CVS”

  1. OMG, so unfair. These poor boys were victims of Trump. They were about to start free college as soon as the left could figure out how to take all of our money and give it to the worthless.

  2. In that cases police must shoot to kill and the law must protect the officer no matter what …because you are cleaning this world of the criminal trash

  3. The full shootout is online 1 cop was shot in the shoulder. This was released last night the gun toting crooks both were injured by the cops. These dude wew idiot's because they could've actually been dead ⚰ over pain pills πŸ’Š…..

  4. Btw, that's not some conspiracy minded request to see the full footage. I think it helps grow trust between the officers and the community when nothing is held back

  5. Why isn't the whole officer cam video released? I mean it looks pretty justified to start and even more justified based on the cameras in the CVS, so why not release the complete footage?

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