Northern VANCOUVER ISLAND travel vlog | Driving to PORT ALICE, BC

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32 thoughts on “Northern VANCOUVER ISLAND travel vlog | Driving to PORT ALICE, BC”

  1. I was born and raised on the island and decided to move to the east coast for university. Currently in my second year and I really related with what y’all said about not realizing what you have till it’s gone! I absolutely love Nova Scotia but there’s nothing like the forests and lakes out on the island and man do I miss the mountains. I also realized how much stuff I still have yet to explore on the island, haven’t really been that far north on the island!

  2. Hey, guys! I live in Campbell River and am really enjoying all your videos of our wonderful Island! Glad you are having a great time! I am always thankful for living in paradise! I can backpack, hike, camp, kayak and bike almost all year ‘round!!! The North Island is my playground!

  3. hope every thing is okay with your father and his family back home I understand you are moving on by now but just seeing this I do think about your family and how with my own being on the road is hard when some one is ill. I have turned my neighbor on to your channel and she was watching asking all sorts of questions about what you two do and all. Think 70 years old and thinking people do that for a living way fun explaining it have fun be safe. Love you guys

  4. Really interesting to see the cultural differences between countries. Sam states at 6:11 'the plan is we're gonna make pasta'.
    In America this means we are going to buy dried noodles from a supermarket and boil them for 8 to 10 minutes in hot water.
    In Europe it means we are making a fresh dough out of flour, water, salt, maybe eggs and oil, and boil it just for 2 minutes.
    Guess what tastes better.

  5. How can you not be an outdoorsy kind of person when the views are so breathtaking! Daniel's right the winding roads shielded with huge trees seemed like a fun drive. Thanks for sharing another great video guys! PS: Hope everything is ok with Sam's dad, best wishes to all.

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