Northlane – Bloodline [Official Music Video]

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48 thoughts on “Northlane – Bloodline [Official Music Video]”

  1. The video is almost identical to hickory creek by whitechapel. Except without the abuse by his parents. Was he abused in real life when he was young?

  2. It hit me! What a combination of progressive, metalcore, nu-metal and industrial! That's what we call the progression – Northlane bring the future – a message from ALIENs 🙂

  3. To polished and watered down for the lyrical content to be taken seriously considering the yarn that was spun about the battle to write this song from Josh, but on a serious note though where the fuck has Nick gone? The groove and chops that once stood him apart have since vanished, quite the shame.

  4. i've had my time with nu-metal, but i honeslty didint think northlane would do this so well, the synths, drum, ambiance, guitars, bass, vocals, everything just works so well in that mix, its giving me a korn vibe, with a more alternative and modern twist, while still sounding like northlane, Favorite track off 2019 so far.

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