NYC vlog part 1: travel, my fav acai + glossier!

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37 thoughts on “NYC vlog part 1: travel, my fav acai + glossier!”

  1. lol were you with the person who was quoting the vine "its your boy, skinny penis" at the very beginning of this? (at least that sounds exactly like the vine but the ending was cut off so who knows haha)

  2. OMG when I clicked on this video I was like β€œhmm wonder if it’s juice generation” AND THEN IT WAS and then I was like β€œhmmm wonder if it’s the PB one…” AND IT WAS omg haha

  3. lmao when he said milo i was like i know he isn’t trying to say what i think he is… it was cute and funny
    i’m colombian so i would drink that all the time as a child,, recommend!!

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