OMG! Hillary Spotted On Vacation – ONE LOOK And You Will CELEBRATE She’s Not Our President

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38 thoughts on “OMG! Hillary Spotted On Vacation – ONE LOOK And You Will CELEBRATE She’s Not Our President”

  1. I don’t care for Hillary Clinton anymore than the next Patriot, however, making fun of the way people dress, especially casually for a vacation, we’d be acting just like a Democrat making fun of the way Melania dresses. We are better than that.

  2. Don't let her get by with what she has done to so many people!!! This couple bill and the wife must be held accountable for their evil doings !!! They must be put in prison to pay back everything they have taken from us the American people they have had people killed off for their knowledge of what they know about the Clinton's and they must pay back !!! They are murders and they can't get away with that !!! The most evil two people ever !!!!!!!

  3. Judging by her outfit she's got something strapped to her underneath that tent shes wearing, hope she doesn't pop her clogs before going to jail, but if she does, oh! well, that will be one down and many to go.

  4. I'm SO glad Hillary isn't our president or any other democrat for that matter, but let's stop the hate and not ever allow ourselves to become like the other side, who runs around making fun of and lying about president Trump, and then us turn around and do the same nasty name calling as they do. Kinda makes us look like the other side. I've watched the moderate right, and many of the republicans grow to act like Christians, and in many cases, some have even become Christians because of the way they see God "literally"
    carrying Trump through all this unneeded trash. Let's be honest here, we all know deep inside our souls that God put Trump in office to save America and for American to help save Israel. I pray to God that all Americans would come to understand that America would be wiped out if it weren't for our only TRUE ally and that ally is Israel. God said, I will bless those who bless Israel and I will curse those who curse her! Look back at the 6 day war. i Love America and feel blessed beyond words. I love President Trump, Israel and i even love you, and together we can fight to keep America great again! Happy Labor Day!!!!

  5. A vacation? From what?……. Trying to derail the country and defaming innocent conservatives while undermining the greatest President this country has ever had and will likely ever see? Billary just go away already!! TRUMP2020!!

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