Orlando Theme Park Travel Vlog September 2019

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  1. Star Wars Galaxy Edge, Then And Don’t Forget I Am A Big Star Wars Fan. I Think I Stayed At The Premiere Inn With Dave Before He And I Went On The Flight To Turkey In 2013 Which Was The Year Before He Started To Get Very Poorly With The Hernia And Sore Eye As He Has Been From 5 Years Ago – Today. The Music Was Like On The Beginning Of Bob Bell’s Vlogs As He Has Been Busy Which He Last Done A Vlog Since Last Year Because He Has Been Doing A Lot Of Plumbing Work And Looking After His Wife’s Carer Being Poorly. How Are You And Shawn Doing In Florida, Anyway? Make Sure You And Him Look After Yourselves And Have A Safe And Healthy Time In Florida. 😊

  2. Hi guys couple of questions for you!

    I’m finally going to Florida next October for my honeymoon and we’re staying in the same hotel and also flying from Manchester with Virgin!

    Did you just use old magic bands or did you manage to get new ones for this trip? I was hoping to get them before we went but from the looks of things we won’t be able to until we get there!

    Does the hotel use normal plug sockets or usb? (I.e do I need to get an adapter or is there no point because there’s loads of usb sockets?)

    Hope you have an amazing trip and I’m far too excited for mine next year 😫

  3. Virgin is the best in my opinion to fly to America Great choice I remember when there was a man behind me snoring when I was like 8 and I just cried with laughter and clogged the flight on my dads go pro 😂

  4. Your hotel neighbours must have been like….”shut the f**k up!” 🤦🏻‍♂️🤬
    Really looking forward to your vlogs though guys. As someone who is a huge Orlando fan, I will really be missing the HHN this year. We’ve just had a baby and the only downside is that we can’t take him there this year….here’s looking forward to next year.

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