Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack Review – Rugged and Popular 40L Pack for One Bag Travel

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10 thoughts on “Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack Review – Rugged and Popular 40L Pack for One Bag Travel”

  1. Just the other day I was just searching for and hoping you'd reviewed this. Also I just saw that one size is(/was) on sale at Amazon for $120, so I just ordered it. Thanks :-). I've been really annoying myself by getting too detailed in bag comparisons and I'll feel good to have this choice made

  2. nice review, its amazing bag, super lightweight its made for travel light, and very paded im using that than my nomatic travel bag coz aside from superlight, very comfortable, you can pack a lot, my cons only is it didnt stand alone, at the airport its important that the carry on bag is standing alone specially if you are at the boarding gate or waiting area 2nd the back to hide the straps, that type people doesnt have time to close the zipper inside the plane before you put to airplane compartment ,there's alot of people coming from your back moving to their seats hehe

  3. Very detailed and thorough review. You did a fair evaluation of its upsides and downsides without criticising it too much. And you took its moderate price into consideration compared to like Tortuga or Aer, which some other videos don't! That moves the Farpoint a few steps up the ladder, IMO. I agree with most things you pointed out, just one thing you didn't really touch on: the water bottle holders on the front are very hard to use when the bag is fully packed and the decent depth that you mentioned is almost gone. For me the bottle holders are one of very few weaknesses. Great video anyway!

  4. Muchacho!!!

    Check on the Fjallraven Travel Pack 🙂

    I have been a user of the farpoint 40 for 3 years. It's just my default bag for everything that is not city travel or whenever I need to carry a lot of weight. I give it plenty of use and I still looks like new. Indestructible.

  5. I was highly considering this bag a while ago but I couldn’t get it for the one reason that the laptop compartment isn’t on the back of the bag like you said. If they would redesign that to the back I would buy it in a heartbeat. Instead I got the Osprey Porter 46. Absolutely love that bag for my one bag travel bag! Check it out and thanks for the great review as always!

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