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  1. Why did your mom go with you? If I was Ryan I would be kind of annoyed. Nothing against you or your mom at all, I just feel like some things you are supposed to just do with your partner, like an anniversary trip

  2. So Ryan gets no pussy out of Haley, has to put up with her constant complaining, can't even take a holiday with her without her mom tagging along, and he STILL wants to marry her? She must have voodoo powers or something.

  3. Everyone asking for an “apology “ please shut up one y’all took everything she said wayy out of context second she’s entitled to her opinion weather it’s wrong or right let her live we all make mistakes. Plus last time I checked your still watching her videos 👀

  4. What’s with all the comments about her mom going with them 🙁 she’s so sweet and the three of them do not look uncomfortable and they look like they are all having the best time! please just let people be and remember that everyone is different, and that Ryan and Haley and every "celebrity" that you think you know and understand… you actually don’t :,) so please don’t judge anyone if you aren’t an actual part of their life and know them personally. ❤️

  5. Everyone who is offended is a little bitch lmao . I don’t understand why people feel entitled for an apology over something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with them ahahaha . Literally she had a bad experience and she complained EVERYONE does that . It’s especially annoying because most of the people talking shit aren’t even fans ahahaha and they want an apology ? Like stfu !!! If you came from Cartier Tea literally stfu

  6. I don’t want to be mean I love you guys but why is your mom there isn’t this supposed to be romantic got you and Ryan it’s a little weird if your moms there but you do you love you guys I’m just wondering why

  7. Take a chill pill guys! Don’t just start bashing haley! Yes, they look american, that’s because THEY ARE! She can pay for water even if it’s really expensive because she’s worked hard to earn money to be able to afford that trip. Most people, especially influencers go on vacations because of the instagram likes and all that stuff. Are you going to say that every single person to visit an instagrammy place is just doing it for the views? Don’t bash haley for burping and then laughing…she’s a teen that’s what teens do. if she can afford to take her mom on a trip with her and her bf and she’s comfortable with that then let her. keep all negative comments to yourself! nobody wants to hear about how they offended people and all their flaws! people make mistakes. we should be lifting each other up instead of knocking each other down. jeez!

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