Our Complete Tour Of The Disney Wonder Cruise Ship! | Food Locations, Touring Each Floor & More!

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23 thoughts on “Our Complete Tour Of The Disney Wonder Cruise Ship! | Food Locations, Touring Each Floor & More!”

  1. Not sure if someone already mentioned this in the comments, but Tim pointed out that people are running on Deck 4 all the time and he wasn't sure how long that was — there's a sign on the wall at 15:03 that says 3 laps = 1 mile and the direction in which to jog. Hope that helps anyone else who was curious like me!

  2. I think so many Cruises in a short time are not the best way to enjoy vacation. You make great videos, but it feels more and more like a Guide for a modern shopping channel…

  3. I am surprised they do not give passengers free wifi service. You pay all that money for the cruise and they cant give you access to the wifi unless you pay extra? Most hotels these days do not make you pay for wifi.

  4. I went on the Disney Wonder 13 years ago when I was 5, it’s so nice you gave us such an awesome tour! A very nostalgic experience. 😂

    Edit: Oh my gosh, so I just watched past the kids club part of the video, and they updated the rooms so well!! When I went there, it was themed like pirates, and everything was brown and ugly, and there was a slide that had a plastic brown puddle at the bottom where you land, and it was of uh.. (I think it was supposed to be oil?) but it looked like diarrhea.

  5. Best 50 minutes of my life! Such a great detailed tour of the ship. If I ever have a vacation on the Wonder Cruise Ship, I will definitely come back and watch this video! Great video!

  6. All the Disney ships look rather old and outdated now compared to the newer ships of other cruiselines. The newest NCL Bliss actually has a go kart track, mini golf, and water slides on the top deck. Its the coolest boat Ive ever seen.

  7. Thank you for the thorough tour of the Disney Wonder. You could have been in Ensenada, but you gave us a tour and I am thankful for the effort and energy it took to make me awe and Wonder. I hope you get the Ensenada experience you wanted much sooner than later.

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