Our Final Week in Australia! Byron Bay vacation before moving to LA \ Chloe and Seba

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35 thoughts on “Our Final Week in Australia! Byron Bay vacation before moving to LA \ Chloe and Seba”

  1. Hope the move went smoothly guys, and I look forward to all your new LA content. Lots of people in the comments seem to be criticising the choice of leaving Australia for LA, but I think you will have an amazing life wherever you live. Plus, it was obviously an informed decision, and you didn’t just move on a whim. I wouldn’t be surprised if you moved to Canada when you choose to start a family. Am very excited to see what the future holds for you in the US! 😀

  2. y'all look amazing Chloe and I'm so happy for you! I am going to try Biossance pretty soon thanks to you! Also, please tell me what the cleansing pad is that you used on your face. I've been wanting one but have no idea what it is exactly. Thank you – much love from TX USA!

  3. wishing you all the best on your new adventures….please can you let us know were you van buy that mini mirror from it looks bright and fabulous…please xxxx

  4. Not even a minute into the vid….."my fly is undone" hahahahah…you are a legend Chloe! That dress at the end, stunning on you!
    Oh, moving to LA! Exciting and amazing!!! Best of the best moving and have super enjoyable journey x

  5. Wow, can't believe you're moving. I've been following you for years! It's so great to see your growth all these years. I hope you both enjoy your new home in LA and all the business opportunities that await 💛

  6. i hope you both have a nice time in the US, now you must have low expectations bc everyone seems to hate LA and loves Australia 😅 so maybe you will have a lot more positive experiences in LA than anyone thinks rn 🙂
    to anyone reading this living in LA: could you explain why you would not move there in detail? everyone says they wouldn’t do it and that it’s overrated but i don’t rly get why

  7. Wow, amazing video and very inspiring. I’m happy for you guys, taking a big opportunity and moving to to LA, maybe it’s not the greatest as everyone says but it’s an experience so make the best of it. Never go into something new with any negativity, again I’m so happy for you both and the last dress you wore was beautiful and your skin looks amazing. I will definitely try this brand, especially with all the detailed information you provided (thanks for that). Have a safe flight!

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