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38 thoughts on “OUR FIRST VACATION TO JAMAICA | VLOG 2019”

  1. Hi both, This was a great vblog and you gave a different view than the usual nice pads/ hotels. It would be good to get more travellers tips for when you travel to Jamaica the next time, as well as, what are the best tourist trips to do (value for money, tours offer more to tourists than others and so on).

  2. You guys should visit my country it's also in the Caribbean, Central America (HONDURAS) to be exacts specifically the bay island we're one of the most visited island on the planet, and yes even more than Jamaica jeje sorry Ika. but seriously would love for you guys to capture my beautiful island.

  3. You guys are soo cuute… Nuff love from Jamaica… πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‡―πŸ‡²β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️… Wish you guys came to ocho rios so I could maybe see you 😭

  4. I’m Jamaican/ Canadian as well. I’m from Kingston/ St. Catherine. I live in Alberta. Took my bf to Jamaica the same time you were there as well. He loved Portland. Thinking we may retire in Portland

  5. You guys should visit Boston Jerk, Magaritaville in Montego Bay, Port Royal to eat some nice seafood with either bammy, festival, crackers or bread fruit. You should take Dem to Devon house in Kingston to have our ice cream, take him to see the Bob Marley Museum, go to Harbour front down town Kingston, Dunns River Falls, you can also do river rafting where they take you down the river and give you a tour on a bamboo raft , Usain Bolt's sports bar in Kingston, Emancipation Park, Those are some of my few suggestions. ( Big up to Manchester)

  6. Yes finally I hope you had an amazing time Dem, and yes get use to it you have to attend church every Sunday. And they are going to feed you so make sure you are always ready to eat. Wow you get to see Ravers in person, nice. Can't wait for the Greece trip. So happy you give him the local experience πŸ–’ video was short but enjoyable at the same time, I guess next time we will see more. Nice of you to visit our little island in the sun Dem. OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE.

  7. KFC is JA.. different from states.. different seasoning from the Colonel spices… glad you enjoy yourself Dem. You should know patois good good now. Time for you to go to Greece now Ika

  8. Real JA experience is Kingston 🀣 I know you had a great time..cha..mi want some breadfruit, dumpling, banana, yam..ackee & saltfish, collaloo..plate done..Dem you good mon. How long church last? Were you ready for the club scene, mi know JA has the best, whine up ya body dancers 😁

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