Our New FAVE Travel and Adventure Camera – Comparison & Review

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20 thoughts on “Our New FAVE Travel and Adventure Camera – Comparison & Review”

  1. The 100 for me, but the 0 performed better in the wind. But not much in it with youtube quality. The RX100 also managed to catch a glimpse of Nibiru at 15:51 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. The link from the link above to the tripod doesnโ€™t work on your site, what type is it please. Love and watch all your vids x

  3. You did not say how Deep you can dive with the rx0ii ?????????????? but looking forward to seeing the shots you take with it also ๐Ÿ™‚ Most good dives are at 20 Mtr's and up to surface. And thank you both great review.

  4. It's critical a camera capture flesh tones accurately. Might a suggest finding someone to model a few swimsuits? Hmmm, Jason, can you think of anyone?

  5. Im going with the 100 it has better clairty and pictures just seem more real if that mAkes sense lol good video cool move Jason guess whos sleeping on the couch lol yall be safe

  6. This was really quite interesting. On the one hand, it seemed like it was not a match for match comparison but on the other hand, the newer model handily beat out the older. Your reasoning made sense and the "0" is probably a really good day-to-day choice, especially in a wet environment. But the "100" sure can pull its weight, even if it's not quite as capable or pocket-able. I'd say you'd need both depending on the situation.
    P.S. Bad Jason…forgetting your wallet on a date night! Don't you have ApplePay / GooglePay?? You better go make sure your insurance is paid up…I think I saw daggers just as Nikki stood up!

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