Our Trip to Hollywood, Dania Florida

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42 thoughts on “Our Trip to Hollywood, Dania Florida”

  1. Hi Larry and Jen😊 we saw you guys from 90 day Fiance,im happy to see you guys that Jenny is finally here!congratulations 🥂😉like you guys my husband and I met in Filipinocupid too❤️if you guys ever visit seattle we would love to welcome you here goodluck to both of you and stay sweet ❤️

  2. I love you Jenny and lerry, lerry you are an amazing husband❤ soon we need a video of Jenny shopping for her style. With like 500$budget
    And other videos like a spa day for a princess named jenny🙌🎬

  3. I’m so excited to see your wedding we been watching 90 days fiancé the show is amazing and I’m so happy to see you Jenny and Larry at the show
    Keep the love burning😘
    God bless you both💕❤️

  4. I’m happy to see you guys together now in Florida. Visit Miami and let us know so we can meet you and some Filipino community here in Miami.

  5. Hi Ate Jen, I know you're a shy type and we understand , please Kuya Larry take good care of Jen as she takes good care of you..I am happy for both of you
    Kuya Larry is a hands-on husband I'm glad for you Ate Jen..

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