our unpopular opinions: college edition

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25 thoughts on “our unpopular opinions: college edition”

  1. I went to community college my first two years and honestly you can most definitely make friends it’s just about the effort you put into it I have made plenty of friends and I also feel like it depends on what school you go to cause my school really was lit and we still had parties and functions that were way more lit then some of the university parties I see or that I’ve been to.

  2. I know I’m late but I’m in Community college if you don’t like me because of that then that’s dumb but I’ll remember I have a degree already and I can work a good job and then move higher after I get my second degree so… I’m proud to be in community college because I’m getting my education and I’m going to do something with my life. It shouldn’t be about oh I don’t like them because we already have friend groups but freshman don’t have friends right away. What you hate freshman too who are trying to get a degree just like you over friend groups? Are you scared because someone might join your friend group that makes no sense. You don’t need anybody my goal is to get good grades and call it a day. I don’t complain about my social life. People go to university’s and live at home and have a social life, same with community colleges just like my friends and I. Maybe it’s different from where you guys are to here in Vegas. Community college is just smaller but we still have professors, still have grades, and still pay thousands of dollars in tuition. We might not have the same experiences but who does at any school, even if you go to the same school as someone some students party too much and don’t focus on grades and some don’t party and focus on their grades and they do good, two different experiences. Some university students they think they are better, but in the future just because you went to a bigger school doesn’t determine a successful job someone who went to community college could get a nursing job at the hospital if they are more qualified then a university student because of higher grades or more experiences. It’s called the real world, it sucks but it’s true. I’m not trying to offend anyone I’m just had to say something about this. 🙄✌🏾

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