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27 thoughts on “PACK WITH ME FOR FLORIDA ~ FAMILY OF 5 ☀️✈️”

  1. OMG before I finish watching if your not there already have a amazing time all of you,I couldn’t wish for a nicer family to have a wonderful time together keep safe can’t wait to see xxx

  2. Hello Vicki and family
    Thank you for sharing your holiday pack vlogs
    You are such a wonderful family you tell the truth story about your own family life and your lovable by us all
    Happy holiday to you all Vicki
    Safe journey through and home
    We just love you guys
    Such a lovely family
    I feel that you are like a "cousin "
    But anyway you are all part of our family on the vlogs

  3. we use packing cubes as they the best for amount kids we have. packing cubes are must for us. we planning on next year to go to Paris Disney for few weeks when babies are 6 months yes we have found out be twin girls hazyl and mika prounced my ka spelled mika . due in January but they trying get me beyond Christmas to January 8th at most.

  4. My god you are organised!😂 On balance I think you are taking up 50% of the space with Steve and the boys sharing the rest 😀. I hope you all have a fantastic trip!

  5. Love this video! I love watching packing videos. I love learning tips on how to pack. I know you are already here in the states enjoying your vacation! Have fun and enjoy your time here!💜

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