Packing for Holiday Travel Vlog | Dec. 18-20, 2017

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17 thoughts on “Packing for Holiday Travel Vlog | Dec. 18-20, 2017”

  1. I've been hooked on packing light/pak with me videos for the past 6 or so months so I'm wondering how in the heck it is that I'm only seeing your ridiculously awesome video just now?? 😁 So, this Baltimore transplant has now subscribed to your channel. And btw, I don't know if I can forgive you for telling us about the fact that Erin Condren sells luggage items–I purposely stay off her site so I don't go crazy spending money on her stuff. LOL! And just an FYI, if you don't already do it, capsule wardrobes (or mini capsules) are such an great way to pack light. And there are wardrobe apps like Cladwell or Stylebook that lets you keep track of what you pack. What a touching gift for your family. ❤💙 Great video!

  2. Blair i have a question contemplating on the 25inch and the 29inch would you go big i overpack also is the bag like a duffel bag and does it hold alot of clothes? Been wanting one of these for a while. Sold my large rolling burton suitcase

  3. I just ordered this luggage, and I can't wait to try it out. I've been looking at it for a couple of years now. Ebags was offering a big special, and I got it for almost half price. Definitely get the packing cubes, they are a life saver and I love them.

  4. Loved your packing vlog. Have you ever thought about using the Ebags packing cubes? I got a set on and they revolutionized my packing. I can fit about twice as much in my bag now. Anyways… another great video. Hope you are enjoying time with family!

  5. I love how organized you are Blair! (: I’ll usually make a list of all my outfits including pics on my phone to remember what I want to wear on what day lol and if I can, I’ll try not to wear jeans cause they’re so uncomfortable lol it’s mostly leggings and tunics and pretty dresses with boots haha! Happy holidays! I hope you and Riley have a great time in Baltimore!! x

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