Pakistan Train Travel | Islamabad to Lahore (we do appreciate a non-spanking train route)

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50 thoughts on “Pakistan Train Travel | Islamabad to Lahore (we do appreciate a non-spanking train route)”

  1. Just a proposal to get some fund.the payment gateway which you mention like paypal and others we dont have in will be better if you open a jazzcash account or bank account here in pakistan.i really assure you lots of people's want to sponsor you.personally me to want to send you fund but dont have paypal.

  2. I booked a ticket from lahore to Isb but for some reason the cabin had only 2 beds and the second one was empty so I had the whole room with bathroom for my self in just 1050 Rs (2016) , I thought why the hell people travel by bus when train is sooooo nice

  3. Good video, except for some more coverage of countryside view, which is spacious with lush green farms & vegetation all over. Due to urbanisation influx, some metropolitan suburban areas may face such unforeseen settlers, which is out of master plan & illegal as mentioned in metropolitan expansion rules & regulations to follow. Where ain't the Jones now…. Have a nice trip….Thank you

  4. Enjoy your vlogs every single time. Will you be visiting Karachi as well? Hope to meet you there. A cheap self promo, made my first clog and hope to get some feedback from you, “karachi style haleem in Los Angeles”. 🙏🏽

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