Panama City Beach Summer Vacation – Real. Fun. Beach.

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15 thoughts on “Panama City Beach Summer Vacation – Real. Fun. Beach.”

  1. +nadine2k101, I know this comment is 2 years old but I just wanted to add my 2 cents. Just because people want to enjoy their life when they're young, doesn't mean they're "wasting time". A long life is not promised to everyone. There is no problem working year round and taking a weekend to have fun. Who told you that vacations were only intended for children? I just hope you don't end up being in your 40s one day and regretting the time in your life that you spent working. Also, who says that everyone is going to buy a home that they have to spend a long time paying off? Enjoying your life sometimes is not "goofing off".

  2. Was one of the greatest beaches in the world. Still would be had it been part of Alabama the way it should have been. Alabama wouldn't allow all the kids to sinfully run off the families. All for 2-3 weeks of large money. Families would make up for that money through the years. Now all I hear is I don't like PC anymore, can't even see the beach no more. Others, I don't want my kids to see things there. Wake up people.

  3. vacations were intended only for children, that's my opinion, the 2 1/2 maybe 3 months that they get off from school every summer. I'm almost 23, I don't vacation, I work year round, I want to be able to pay off my home and maybe have a family, to me that is happiness, not goofing off wasting time.

  4. Definetly a new and improved website and marketing campaign. With the new international airport opening in one year and 2 weeks, this will definetly drive the new message home.

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