Panic Time for USA? Not So Fast

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20 thoughts on “Panic Time for USA? Not So Fast”

  1. USMNT needs to get rid off some of older players. They need to trust more younger players. England national team should be your example and to leave Josh Sargent behind it doesn't make sens.

  2. This was a very good episode. My favorite 4 behind the desk. All four good with a quip, happy to be there, knowledgeable about the sport and willing to back it up. So balanced. Gass as the jack-of-all-trades. Wiebe holding the host spot down. Doyle with the sniper troll jobs and the long-form analysis. Carr bringing energy and being a calm, informed counter to Doyle. So, so good. Please have more of this pairing.
    The composition of the topics was on point. Many topics on a large subject (national teams). Hopefully, you guys can talk more about LAFC's vacant spot when the rumors heat up. What is so impressive to me is that the league can offload a big, underperforming signing like that fairly quickly. That really speaks to the quality of that team to cut their losses on Horta. That was a six million dollar (ish) signing.

    The desk decorations are a nice touch. I never noticed the wall behind the main TV in studio. It looks strange, like an oversized door and now I can't unsee it. Maybe some color to break that up a bit?
    Didn't know about Tata only naming 26. That is a pretty big miscalculation.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. Ravel Morrison (and I say this as a West Ham fan) has all of the talent in the world. He’s got incredible technique, and can break the lines with ease when he’s in the mood (look up his goal v Spurs at White Heart Lane).

    Morrison’s issue was always his attitude. SAF lost faith in him because of serval off the pitch incidents. At West Ham, it looked like Allardyce has him under control… until he tried to force Morrison to sign with his agent.

    Off he went to Lazio, Atlas and now Sweden.

    West Ham fans still wish him the best, Jamaica could make a run.

    MLS is the second league I watch, props from London – love your content, guys 👏

  4. LOL…do you guys get PAID for uttering this drivel ? US Soccer is a MESS, a complete mess. Men's team is actually DECLINING in talent, because America FAILS to understand the intangibles necessary to create a good developmental program. Because Americans are dumbass. All the while other programs in this hemisphere are ascending….

  5. We will see if with Pulisic and Adams can they really do it and win the Gold Cup… Mexico right nw are on form and i hope will meet each other in final but with no depth in this US team, they wont go far….

  6. Talked about hungry USL teams, talked about Rapids, talked about us open cup. Didn't talk about the 1st place first year team in USL that's playing Colorado in US Open cup?! New Mexico United is killing it in their first year with phenomenal fan support and attendance. Give a shout out at least. Rant over.

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