Parker House Investigation (Denton, Texas)

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35 thoughts on “Parker House Investigation (Denton, Texas)”

  1. Nice little YouTube glitch apparently. Got this question in notifications, but when I click on it it doesn't show up. "David commented: "Haunted wanabee?""

    We picked up a few things here. There is another video going over the evidence. Hard to say how much of it has to do with the house and how much of it might have to do with being attached to things in the house. Either or, it was an interesting place. Here's the evidence video. I just wish this had come later when I knew what I was doing better with YouTube.

  2. Holy camoly….. what a creepy history of that house! Wow , talk about evil locations πŸ‘Ή excellent investigation , always enjoy your videos! Be safe my friends πŸ’€πŸŒ™πŸ•· ty for sharing this

  3. it wouldnt be haunted if its chaged from the oringal things it had in there to a man made halloween attraction they ruined it when they did that,,hauntings and paranormal are REAL,,,they dont need to make man made places if they want to be scared stay in a REAL haunted place,,,there are plenty of them around,,,you take a historcal structure and transform it into something its not you ruin it,,,it does look like a very old place,,,they should have kept it as it was,,,

  4. Hi James great Video! As the three where walking through the beginning of the Parker House I thought I heard a growl ! When you an Amy was in the part when Amy said did you hear that? Where the blinking lights that room ! That Parker House is creepy! Great work James

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