Pastor Bro. Joshua Iginla acquires a private jet

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17 thoughts on “Pastor Bro. Joshua Iginla acquires a private jet”

  1. Has he not being helping? When a politician or an artist buys a jet no one complain.but once a MAn of God buys a jet u call him names. Should men of God live in poverty? Should they beg from politicians?do u know how much pains he has endured. Prayers offered?

  2. God is in the business of showing the kingdom of darkness that silver and gold belongs to Him. It is best for men of God having these things than footballers, business men and politicians because their call is noble than anything else on earth.

  3. I do not know why people do not understand that buying a private jet is normal. It is just like buying a car. People have always been buying private jet or the manufacturers would have gone bankrupt. What is a big deal for a Christian to own one. Christians own cars. I will hear the excuse of we could use that money to feed the poor (like Judas Iscariot said). Why didn't you use your Toyota money to feed the poor. You bought your Toyota, Honda, Mercedes and did not use the money to help the poor but when you see some one buy a private jet, you open your mouth criticizing on things you yourself do not do. The bible says remove the boulder from your own eyes before you look to remove the straw from your brother's. You all are darn hypocrites

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