Pastor Joshua Inginla Bought A New Private Jet

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14 thoughts on “Pastor Joshua Inginla Bought A New Private Jet”

  1. I no blame them naa all the goat who go back to his Church after all iginla bad things wey open out ,we need another name for dose pastors all the time I see them like this I feel like getting one big powerful power so I can go beat all dose goat out of there shops call churches and I feel very bad when I call my self Christian

  2. All this pastors are collecting Ghana must go from Fulani herdsmen terrorists Boko Haram Jihadists to kill Christians because no any pastor have said anything about the killing in Nigeria instead they support nizooria politicians

  3. I m the first to like your video ,religion is now a business in Africans,I m waiting for any pastors that will ask me for donations after prayer,I will ask him how much he pay God that gave him the power,in his page all his members are congratulating him 😂some members don’t even have data on their phone but they will give offering to pastors 😂😂God bless my dear

  4. Do you blame him? If some Africans will continue to be fools to give their hard-earned money to these fraudsters and scammers calling themselves ' pastors ' , 'prophets ' etc. then what do you expect ?

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