Peak Design Travel Duffel 35L Review | Carry-On Sized Duffle Bag With Smart Carry Features

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20 thoughts on “Peak Design Travel Duffel 35L Review | Carry-On Sized Duffle Bag With Smart Carry Features”

  1. The fact that they offer a backpack mode should be considered a pro, of course it’s not gonna be a great backpack… it’s not supposed to be! But the fact they went out of their way to just offer that possibility is definitely something to praise and applaud, NOT CRITIC!

  2. Great review, as always. I can always trust you guys to give your honest impressions on products. The one thing that surprised me was the 8.1 score on this; it seemed like you were singing its praises with the exception of a few small details, I guessed it'd be an 8.5 or something higher than that, to be honest. Comparing it to the Aer Duffle (8.3), the cons are basically "the extra details peak added weren't amazing"; but they didn't really need to include an id pocket, magnets, or backpack mode. Meanwhile the complaints on the (more expensive by 40 dollars) AER duffle was that it's uncomfortable and its quick grab pocket is deficient.

  3. I love the new shirt. I’m guessing the duffel is significantly lighter than their really nice, but slightly overweight travel pack? Hopefully it’s also significantly less than $300. I’d have to try it in person, but I feel like the wide squat design would be really cumbersome to shoulder carry, and the slit style main opening would be less than ideal for accessing the bag (I mean the side pockets are horseshoe but not the main??)

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