Pennsylvania Club Ruins at Seminole Ranch Conservation Area

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8 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Club Ruins at Seminole Ranch Conservation Area”

  1. I enjoyed this video from the start till it ended….Magnificent..Magnificent…
    U never stop surprisin me…
    U are so brave…Those are very deep in the wood areas…and a lot of swampy areas…Always be careful please…One day i will love to be your partner in one of those trips…. ๐Ÿ™‚ i will be unrollin snakes and tamin gators…:p. Excellent job…Thank u for your bravery…knowledge and your enthusiasm explorin and sharin with all of us that love and enjoy your videos…Blessings…and please dont stop….A loyal fan….Mary G.

  2. Hey Florida Trailblazer- love your channel and content very much. Do you wear snake boots? Do you carry a personal locator beacon? Ever seen anything bizarre?
    Love the history ties to your exploration.

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