Pensioner Gives up Apartment in Vancouver to Travel the World in a Converted School Bus Tiny house.

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21 thoughts on “Pensioner Gives up Apartment in Vancouver to Travel the World in a Converted School Bus Tiny house.”

  1. I wonder if anyone is Turking to make their income while van dwelling. Supposed to make about half minimum wage but could be done where ever you have internet access. Turking refers to the Mechanical Turk, where a dwarf operated a chess board pretending to be a machine that did. Think of it as artificial artificial intelligence.

  2. Given the cost of living in Vancouver, living in a vehicle is reasonable. However, now that the government taxes unoccupied homes, many multimillion dollar mansions are available for rent cheap as simply having a tenant saves the owners hundreds if thousands in taxes each year.

  3. I am planning to use some used 12v batteries (free ones that were being thrown away but still held a charge). Is that what you did? did you do anything special when wiring them up? I am hoping that I can use them at least for a while till I can afford to buy a new one.

  4. Bravo you, Gus! I laughed when you said, "any retiree can…" or something like that. I thought, yeah, if you're Canadian. LOL. I love your lifestyle and am planning on it pretty soon!

  5. I think the thumbnail is an absolutely stunning shot of my bus. Not happy with my own presentation but this is well edited and presented

    It was fun meeting you and I appreciate the time you took to create this. Thanks

  6. Gus in a Bus. Great size and could be absolutely beauteous. Gus has got the right attitude. He has the basics and that is all that is needed. One thing I did notice is there in no insulation? I would need warmth for my ol' arthritic body and that porta potty would be used lol

  7. That's so awesome! Good for him! He seems really happy 😁 But what a pain in the butt to have to be back every six months, what a bunch of crap that is, just to get his pension! At his age, he shouldn't have to be tied to anything to get what he's earned! I will definitely be following him… Love the name… Gus in a Bus lol Tfs Christina

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