Pilot wrongfully arrested for being naked in hotel paid $300,000

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34 thoughts on “Pilot wrongfully arrested for being naked in hotel paid $300,000”

  1. When the order comes to round you and your families up to go to death camps, the police will happily comply. Historically speaking, local police have always facilitated the greatest bulk of war crimes.

  2. Again, taxpayers stuck with a bill because of left-wing s…hole thug retard police. An, of course, the idiot retards are not held accountable. Chicken-shit yellow belly other officer present and captain or other cowards not firing these dictator thugs.

  3. 300k is not enough for how he was treated. They raided that room like he was a child predator or drug dealer. This could have been resolved so much easier if the police didnt rush in hoping for some sort of major bust.

  4. 100 yards away? Either the pilot set that up or someone was looking to see sum titties and found sum rinkled balls – Adam Sandler – and made the call.. the world is sensitive and gay

  5. I mean seriously where's the freedom in America people sing about. It's really funny they can arrest a naked man standing in the window but yet still allow porn to be shot and music videos of naked women all over the internet and TV's. I'm just really confused here.

  6. And the only people to pay the price the tax payer , no cost to any official and they carry on , when rights are violated if the police involved had to pay a personal price this shit would not happen everday

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