Planes,Trains&Automobiles. Gifts from the other side of the world. Travel Vlog, Wandering Jimmy

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47 thoughts on “Planes,Trains&Automobiles. Gifts from the other side of the world. Travel Vlog, Wandering Jimmy”

  1. TSA has to go communist and the real criminals get passes from gov.AND ITS FACT ILLEGALS THE POLICE AND COURTS LET GO!! The only people being controlled is Us,Flying ,driving, on and on..

  2. Good evening Jimmy and Olive! Nice editing Jimmy! You got a lot of information into a 13.32 minute video, I wished I could do that. Did you get a great check up? Olive and Oliver make great little buddies, and I just love seeing them two play together. πŸΆβ€πŸ’ž

  3. Hope your appointment went well! Glad you made it back to Olive! πŸ’– Rest up a bit before you try to hit the road.

    Those cards & gifts are a sweet reminder of how many people care about you. You’ve kind of become part of our families. We adore you & Miss Olive!

  4. You and Olive are so easy to grow fond of … I see why you get tons of mail.
    Great idea to fly back to Chicago, hope doc had good thinks to say.
    Excited for your next video, wonder where you will be?
    Hugs, deb

  5. Jimmy does the white dog belong to Cele . Did you take The Super Shuttle van to the Airport ? If so I know they are not cheap to use . Since your spine has been fused do you carry a doctors note in your wallet that says you have metal in your spine now ? Are there any Hostels you can stay in to save money ? I wish I still had a Grandmother and parents in my life .

  6. Hi Jimmy and OliveπŸ’• I'm really glad you flew rather than tried to drive to all the winter weather! Are you going to leave your post office box open? I haven't been able to get to the post office and I have a little something for the two of you. I'm happy to hear that you're going to see your Grandma🌞! Plus I know it's exhausting to fly in and fly out but I also know Olive missed you so much❀️. Cel is wonderful friend!!! Stay safe✌️

  7. I would have done the same thing, Jimmy, but I hope you don't carry that guilt around with you forever. Animals don't know time the way we do. They don't have clocks and calendars and don't have a clue how long you've been gone. 10 days or 10 minutes, it could all be the same to them. The REALLY good news is that you missed the storm that blew through Chicago and you don't have to drive back in bad weather. A very good thing, I believe!

  8. I can just hear the airline dude…"you have an empty suitcase sir….there is an extra charge for that" I hate flying too because of all the bs..Get back to Olive soon.

  9. That was THE cutest smile! I'm from a suburb of Chicago (Palatine) and Vienna Hot Dogs and Italian Beef/Sausage sandwiches make me smile too!!!
    Marie @ RV CampHer in Mesa, AZ

  10. Don’t know if you flew back yet or fly again see if you can get a medical seat selection for your flight. I don’t know if they even have that. You would have to talk to some one at the air line.

  11. Dog toys are meant to be eaten and enjoyed! Let Olive chew away! Glad you got your Dr appt done… live your life and enjoy it with Olive by your side, we are here to cheer you on!

  12. I know we all know this but it bears repeating that when we're having changes to our routine or upheavals we have stress, and stress leads to actions that only serve to increase stress more…we eat, sleep, exercise less, etc. Which only increases the stress we started with to begin with, ugh! Then it can snowball until the stress level is too much and fatigue or illness inevitably results. The body will shut us down if we get to burning a candle at both ends! I'm so glad to see that you're staying centered and not stressing out! Keep up the great work and hope you can get to warmer climate soon! πŸ˜ŠπŸ•

  13. Good idea to fly! The kangaroo koala bear so adorable! Tell Olive that's your baby,then keep petting and kissing the kangaroo and saying in a high voice" oh nice". That worked on my sons dog. She hasn't torn apart her baby Wookie !

  14. Deb from Idaho~~~~~ Jimmy, I never got a card off to you as I am handicapped, but my love and warm thoughts have followed you on your journey back to Olive! I am so thankful that you have made such a speedy recovery and yes, it is important to keep your doc appointment. Safe journey through the skies back to WA to get your baby! And remember what I was told once on a South West flight after it landed by the captain: "Welcome to Laughlin, you have just completed the safest part of your journey" I thought that was great!!

  15. I’m surprised that you didn’t leave your van in airport long term parking. When I travel across country I leave my class B at long term parking at the airport & a few times I had a 6am flight & slept in my van overnight. Also when getting a red eye flight home, I slept & left the next morning. And I’ve seen other camper vans doing the same thing.

  16. So glad your doing well. I love watching the two pups chase each other around. I miss that now that We are back in the frozen north. My little Max was born and raised a Floridian. He is not thrilled with this cold water. The only out side stuff he will do is get into the warm car. He's not so stupid. I'm the same way.

  17. Hey Jimmy, glad to hear you flew, much easier on the body. thanks for sharing, Lo πŸ™‚ Ohh BYW,, I love the ending of the vids now, olive and those flying arrows, Great!! thx, Lo πŸ™‚

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