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50 thoughts on “POLAND'S BEST CITIES | Travel Guide”

  1. You forgot to mention that most of these great looking Cities are former German Cities and most of these are rebuilt with money from the E U .I was there 2 years ago to see what the Country looks like today , but I traveled of the main roads and I can tell you I almost had tears in my eyes the way people have to live there today. Poor is not even the right word and many houses have not been repaired since our family where escorted out at gun point.

  2. Wroclaw should have been here too. what a wonderful city that really is. But in general, Poland is just wonderful and has all the nature you need while having some of the best historical things out there.

  3. …..great video!!…just shows how Germany is a legend only in its own mind…in spite of the deliberate near-total destruction of Warsaw by the Germans, Warsaw shines brighter than ever!!..THANK YOU!!!…..

  4. Hi Jamie, how are ya? I am polish leaving in Australia. I absolutely loved your video about my country., I like how informative it was and depicted Poland like it is.You are very knowledgeable about the country as well. Do you feel like going back? The only thing please🙏It’s not Nazis but Germans invaded Poland!Thank you for a great video ❤️🇵🇱

  5. great vid man. Don't apologize for Your accent, You're from Australia, You speak with local accent. For non native english speakers it sounds cool, and who cares about Americans and British that complain about the accent. They think when they can imitate Australian accent they know another language, so please 🙂 (For those that are from US or UK and don't act like jerks – It wasn't about You! Tools are in every country, doesn't mean everyone is ^^)

  6. Warsaw Royal Castle in Warsaw was not restored it was built again after World War II(Adolf Hitler ordered to destroy it). You can find on google some picture of this castle (or what's left of it) after World War II.

  7. Well, Malbork IS really big castle, but I'm not sure it's the WORLD'S biggest… well, unfortunately, I don't think so… It could be the biggest whole made by brick, but not the biggest AT ALL
    But, I like that you mentioned Mazury on your list, too 😀

  8. Great video! For next trip I can recommend you Łódź, which in my opinion is very original comparing to Poznań or Wrocław and there is not that many tourists. Łódź was known as a city that grew thanks to texitl production. Now the old factories are renovated and became the place for shops, restaurants, cultural places and used by young artists. There are many palace's of the owners – mostly Jews. Łódź is also known as capital of Polish cinema and have the best film school in Poland, known also abroad. I can recommend you places like Poznański Palace, museum of factory, Księży Młyn, museum of cinematography, Piotrkowska Street (place where locals spend their free time with many restaurants and cafés), Arturówek Park, Łagiewnicki forest (the forest that is in the boarders of the city, good place for cycling). Don't forget murals that are placed around the city! 🙂

  9. Poland's best cities are the ones you haven't visited, because, let's face it, your presence has ruined the ones you've been to. Just kidding. You would need to get off the tourist-go-round to get to the good ones.

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