Polar Bear Swims Ashore After Drifting 400 Miles

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48 thoughts on “Polar Bear Swims Ashore After Drifting 400 Miles”

  1. He wouldn't have had to travel so far if the ice caps weren't almost all melted. Global Warming is real. And those who don't believe it is real don't start crying to us when we all die due to it. Because you've we've got about 12 years to change the world and the future. And honestly, I would like to live long enough to see 60.

  2. Why the hell is Inside Edition approaching the story in such a lighthearted, jovial manner, when this clearly exemplifies the horrendous effects of global warming and its systematic decimation of the ice caps and food supplies upon which these creatures depend? Does Putin want to hide the reality of climate change that much?!?

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