PREP FOR VACATION WITH ME !!✈️ Nail VLOG/ Eyebrows / & Target RUN

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32 thoughts on “PREP FOR VACATION WITH ME !!✈️ Nail VLOG/ Eyebrows / & Target RUN”

  1. So happy that you guys are going on a bae~cay… I feel it's way overdo, because y'all work so hard and deserve to enjoy life, just as much. Have fun and Safe travels! 🤗💓💓

  2. LeeLee you no those super long 💅 = DIRTY BOOTY I saw a meme on FB about it I was cracking up ….. Looking good … You be crying AGAIN if your mom does your hair again that was too funny lol stay Blessed 💚🌹💚

  3. Your nails are cuuuuute. I love them. Their the perfect length, and shape. Me, I would have gotten Carolina colors. Light blue, and on the edge navy blue, my birthstone for the gem. I think I will do that for this weekend. 😛😜👌👍

  4. Love the video fam, Yeesss Leelee, lovin those nails girl, it is always on point. Oh I love me some sushi and potstickers. I'm so happy that y'all are on a much needed baecation. Enjoy yourselves, Much love Stay lit #GangGang 💯❤🔥✌

  5. Hey LeeLee and Gramz! How has life been treating y'all gorgeous Queen's today? I hope that y'all enjoyed each and living life to the fullest on y'all anniversary. Have a safe trip on y'all baecation 🙏❤. I LOVE Y'ALL SO and Happy Anniversary!! Gang Gang

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