Prince Edward Island Travel Guide | Visiting PEI Canada

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48 thoughts on “Prince Edward Island Travel Guide | Visiting PEI Canada”

  1. Next time, I would try a NOT-red with your maple salmon scallops. A German auslese or spätlese would hold up to the sweetness. Perhaps a Pinot Noir. Or a full white, like a warm-climate chard. Way better I would guess.

  2. You should visit pakistan u have visited to many countries but y not pakistan i watched also all ur video plz come to my country there are many plces for visiting also my country have very wide range of food fruites and ithr stuf

  3. Awesome video! Such a beautiful island. I'm going to put PEI on my must visit bucket list. You guys eat like kings. 🙂 All that delicious seafood had me drooling. lol. I copied the salmon and scallop recipe that Daniel was making. 🙂 Can't wait to see your next road trip.

  4. Thanks for the reminders of what Canada must be like. I've never been there – but years ago I flew back from Boston (USA) to London and for many miles the plane flew along the Canadian coast, and I thought "Blimey! Look at that! A tiny dirt road that ends at the coast….another road that ends at the coast….few signs of human habitation….mile upon mile of forest (probably with bears, wolves, moose and Gawd knows what else)…long may it continue! Long live Canada!

  5. I hate how they ban dogs from the beaches. We have that down here in New Jersey too. Birds and dogs coexisted for hundreds of years before people got involved and everybody survived. I get keep them leashed, and keep them off the dunes fine, but why bam them all together, so frustrating. Makes me sad every time I go to the beach and I have to leave my pup home. Especially because my dog is tiny and she smaller than the birds and would do nothing but sleep on the towel next to me LOL.

  6. Reeeally enjoying these Canada trips..I’ve always wanted to see parts of Canada and these videos really help..Thank you& please keep the Canada videos coming!

  7. Ever since I was a little child and I watched "Road to Avonlea" I wanted to visit Prince Edward Island, for me it's one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  8. What a beautiful place! The video is perfect, every take, every joke, that adorable family, the edition…Excellent! I love Sam's laugh, by the way. I can't help but laugh, too. xD

  9. Muy bonitas tomas con el dron, bellísimos lugar, me impacta el color del mar. Que risa con los mosquitos y las ramas, es muy simpático tu papá.
    Excelente video, gracias
    Saludos 🙋🇲🇽

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