Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with baby Archie arrived Nice in a third trip by private jet

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33 thoughts on “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with baby Archie arrived Nice in a third trip by private jet”

  1. These two are a complete joke!!!
    Talking about the environmental footprint, everyone needing to contribute to fixing what they can, and then they go and do this. They are truly pathetic and not worth listening to.
    Harry and MeGains Motto:

  2. That was Michael Jackson in the white hat holding archie,veronica and jugghead are already boarded on the plane! look at the hairy arm holding the dolle! Too funny! So who's calling us mixed race folks racist!!? if the tight high heels are squeeze ing your bunions don't complain to the world! blks calling out another" fence" jumper upsets you ,it's really not your fight!! Stay in your lane!!

  3. I have subscribed to your channel, but, I don't like how you sometimes pick on Harry and Meghan. Honestly, what business is it of yours or any one else's how many trips they take, they pay their own way, they should be free to come and go as they see fit. Get over it!

  4. God bless this family. Meghan is a hands on mom, doesn't trust anyone with her baby esp Amid the negativity around them.
    All new parents go through a period of fatigue due to lack of sleep.
    I see they look at each other like" we made it, we are still in love".
    That's all that matters.

  5. Why can Megan just stay home and concentrate baby.she has to travel and get attentions.even they got free private jet.still why they accept the bribes – free mansion, jet and food
    Keep in mind after William becomes king.Henry will be out of royal.William dislike their life style and greedy.i could

  6. I am surprised you idiots are still talking about Meghan ,prince Andrew child Abuser who's sleeping with under age girl's 14years Virginia Robert and Rape her in three separate occasions, you racist will be afraid to report the story , racist idiots British racist journalist

  7. Yes you might comment Vanilla to protect the 'Successes' But they are laughing in the face of the public while using private jets. The Cambridges use the public air craft when necessary , they don't take what they have and use it for their advantages. What they are doing is down right insulting after what Harry went to lengths to speak about how to protect our planet. He doesn't care one iota. He has proved his worth, He is just a play boy Prince. Nothing substantial about him. No wonder he needs to hide his face from the camera's. Don't do as I do, do as I say.

  8. What about cambridge…. Have a trip the whole family…why u dont say anything.. To all comments is nice. If dutchess meghan and prince harry and baby archie… Is not good…. Always bad words….. Meghan and prince harry hearth of the people. …..except the haters people……. I love this loving couple. HM….

  9. Boy the most unpopular ROYALS gets lots of attention. Focus on the Windsors and Cambridge. Then again greed most chase the money! They only baby doll is the doll that you hybrids made up. Haven't you heard. Sisters are the only ones having babies. That's why your queen is pushing the interracial agenda. You wish you had our DNA. Outside at high noon anyone? Yeah I don't think so! Can't decalified that pineal gland or lack photosynthesis. Boy the European education is a goddamn lie. But this StarSeed third eye is open😃😃😃😃

  10. U know what, they should swim next time or better yet walk! O no no, they should skip to the countries . Hmmm, maybe spin on their heads next time. What next ppl? 🤒 This too shall pass!

  11. Sorry, Meghan doesn't have enough time to hate you as much as you hate her, she's too busy loving the people that love her.
    Let's face it Bitches. You are so jealous of Meghan, and you hate Meghan because you know she so much better than all of you.

    Prince Harry and Meghan
    It doesn't matter where you're going, it's who you have beside you❤️❤️💯🚼👣💙

    Wishing you a safe journey

  12. A black people carrier? Lol! Really? Dumbass. Heres some advise.. SHUT UP. LEAVE THEM ALONE. And while your at it.. why dont you get on about all the other thousands of planes taking off and landing on a daily basis.

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