Prince William and Kate Fly Commercial After Harry and Meghan Markle Private Jet Drama

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18 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Fly Commercial After Harry and Meghan Markle Private Jet Drama”

  1. I try not to pick sides because I like both couples,but William could have used better judgement when he chose to fly on a budget airline,especially after what Harry and Meghan have had to endure,not a time to make a silly point!

  2. I have always felt that William and Kate were behind the negative press about Harry and Meghan. William and Kate are two empty wagons, they have no ideas and no creativity. They are so envious of Harry and Meghan. Also, Harry didn't realize his purpose until he met Meghan; now he is a father and trying to move on without William

  3. Why is Harry and Meghan being stood up against a BROTHER who has always been hailed and believed to be more esteemed than his own BROTHER ? Charles reigns next and if he lives to be 103 as his grandmother, William will be 70 and the way you Brits , the BRITISH ,Monarchy will be irelivant and William will have to live in a society he and his family are not suited THEN HE WILL NEED MEGHAN AND HARRY AGAIN TO show them what the REAL WORLD lives. This Child Willam was schooled to be King long before Princess Diana and I passed away and William was taught different than poor Harry who was totally ignored and allowed to roam the world without Prince Charles or the Queen not knowing his day to day activities until the SUN and the Daily Mail published pictures for the entire world to see. Well, Charles sent him away to the Army and it was 18 months before the news again let Charles and Bro. William know that Harry had been a soldier on the front lines in war with Afganistan then they pranced out to take pictures of Harry coming "home" to London stepping from a plane looking rejected for leaving his Army buddies to continue the battlefield without him. Again Harry felt lost without a title or job to do, felt worthless and was looking for love in all the wrong places….until he accepted a blind date that STUNNED, IMPRESSED AND DELIVERED A KINDNESS TO HIM that he hadn't been shown since his mother's death as a 12 year old. She brought him love, happiness and a purpose for living and he spent as much private and along time getting to know her moment by moment, day by day until the paparazzi swarmed her home and they lost their world of loving peace and blessings from the Lord. Then the So called Royal news pretended to know them, the royal Courtiers and staff joined and when the news broke out that Meghan was a BI-RACIAL USA citizen, the racist, bigot and biased behavior from stranger, who don't know them, BOMBARDED them with unworldly idiotic, immature trash and threats to Meghan's life. The stress and sadness was put on Harry because he was the lone Royal trying to protect him. His lame " BIG BROTHER " did not step in but gave his 33 year old mature, adult BROTHER a talking to about moving to fast into a marriage he may regret. Did Charles, Queen, Kate, and staff give emotional support ? Hell no, Prince Phillip questioned Meghan's actress work.but she had multiple talents and a prestigious USA UNIVERSITY graduate with a double major and I will not list her many MANY more genious endeavors. She is the first WOMAN who really listens to Harry as an equal adult. God continue to watch over you because you guys are ADORED by more people over the world who outnumber the racist and chanters who are trying to hurt. Be strong and fly high, no pun intended. Keep Archie as private as possible and as long as possible

  4. This pedofile needs to keep quiet. Princess Diana didn't like you as you wanted to place pics as Prince William and Prince Harry with your pedofile friends. Megan might want to sell the baby to you…. the highest bidder… but the public is aware of you. You want to pay them off. Harry wake up. Your mother wanted you far from this garbage.

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