Prince William And Kate Middleton Take Commercial Flight With Kids Amid Royal Private Jet Drama

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16 thoughts on “Prince William And Kate Middleton Take Commercial Flight With Kids Amid Royal Private Jet Drama”

  1. Instagram has been taken over by MM. What Meghan wants Meghan gets…Some nerve. She’s short of shoving herself down your throat. All her Illuminati celebrity friends are guiding her through this. They’re in it with her. What comes around goes around. I’m politely asking non-MM fans to delete Instagram for a while.🤮👎🏻

  2. Well Done to both of them ! Setting an example that royals can fly economically & show respect for the environment ! Also obviously the security issue which Harry and MeeGain cite for their numerous private jet flights , wasn't an issue ! So if security wasn't a problem for William , second in line to the throne , WHY should it be one for Harry , Sixth in line to the throne and his precious , pampered wife ?? Oh and finally LAY off the lectures on carbon footprints hypocritical Harry and MeeeGain ! – You have clearly both lost your credibility on this issue !

  3. William and Kate has flown commercial many times. It's not a first. They fly private only when is necessary. They're also the future sovereigns of the country, so they need to be very cautious of their spending, image and what they do and say. What H&M does concern them only if it hurts the image & future of the monarchy, since they will inherit it. W&K will always put the people of the GB before H&M.

  4. Kate and William borrowed close friend and British billionaire Hugh Grosvenor’s plane  for trips abroad, but please dont allow that uncomfortable truth to interfere with your racist attacks on Meghan.

  5. Ha ha! That's one in the eye for the ginger Nazi joker and his mulatto money grabber! I think that pair should take a private jet to the Bermuda Triangle….. and if there's any room, take along a fat, hypocritical, balding, tone-deaf, fish-oil loving queen as well!

  6. So what? How many private flights have they taken? It's shameful that Harry's big brother would stage this, so W&K are just as guilty as the british news reporters trying to sabotage the Sussex, but we see👀👀👀👀👀 right through them!

  7. Scotland is a very short flight. I have no issue with any of them flying private to avoid disruptions and increase safety. It's sad that they felt they had to fly commercial to quiet the haters. It's ridiculous.

  8. This was STAGED. The cameras just happened to be rolling as they are exiting the aircraft. I am now convinced as the Sunday Times alluded to months ago, William is working with the British media tabloids to attack Harry and his wife almost daily.

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