Prince William & Kate + 3 Fly Commerical After Private Jet Fiasco MM & PH- Playing Card Divination

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46 thoughts on “Prince William & Kate + 3 Fly Commerical After Private Jet Fiasco MM & PH- Playing Card Divination”

  1. I agree with you jamil is the hate speech she calling all white people racists there is double standards one for blacks one for whites not right … I like piers Morgan too ! He’s not afraid to say what everyone thinks at the expense of being attacked ..and unpopular!

  2. Why do they always think that comments are race based?? MM is NOT Black!!! She is from mixed race like so many of us. My dad is Irish my mother is Dutch that makes me MIXED like Meghan. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Piers Morgan is the watchman at the gate who has a fog horn to alert that the British are coming, the British are coming only his true warning is regard a certain angry old bird is coming…sorry 'bout the british languishing. I love the Queen. She will impose a "fix" on any attack on the UK as in warfare and I'm going to love that too.

  4. So what you are saying that Piers isn't telling the truth? When was honest observations considered payback to MM. ALSO: GOOGLE Flying monkeys, apaths.

  5. understood.: Not first time they went commercial. Plus: They were shown arriving at destinations and walking to their waiting cars. AND: People on the plane saw them.

  6. Jameela Jamil is nothing more than a race baiter/race profiteer. She plays the race card and receives free press and attention by doing so. It’s quite sad that she has to race bait in order to be relevant in any way. MM and PH use MM’s heritage as an excuse for her/their poor decisions and actions to be dismissed and accepted by the public.

  7. She called Piers a "Thirsty little Bitch" on Twitter also, and that he was "climbing" her for attention!! She is an idiot!!! Can you imagine what would've happened if Piers called her that!!? He'd be "canceled"!! At this point their defenders are dwindling in numbers, status and intelligence!! Anyone defending them looks as stupid as they do.. jmo

  8. Jamela Jamil is C Lister tv actress, who is on an American tv show with B-Listers Ted Danson and Kristen Bell. The tv show, “The Good Life” was cxl’d and floundering, until another network picked it up and made it a hit. I happen to really like the show and Jamela in her role on the show, but let’s get real – Jamela doesn’t know Meghan any better than you or I. If Meghan hadn’t asked her to be a part of the September Vogue issue, she wouldn’t be chiming in with her outrageous tweets. Perhaps, Jamela thinks her support will make her and Meghan bff’s and she’ll score an invite to Frogmore. She obviously, doesn’t see that Meghan has little time for the small screen stars – it’s only A-Listers that capture her attention! As for the lack of entertainment stars coming to her defense in the future, I think without Sarah Latham and her connections, she will find it harder to get those A-Listers behind her and Harry…

  9. This is absurd! Before Harry, NO ONE KNEW WHO MEGHAN WAS! NO ONE! I find it interesting that all these movie people are getting involved. This is all based off of how ridiculous PH and MM, make mistake after mistake. The cards prove it. Amazing reading! 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻As always. Cards read very clear.

  10. Different subject: Have you done a reading on Archie's birth date? There was a lot of controversy about it and also, many have commented that Archie looks big for a 3 (almost 4) month old baby.

  11. Pierce just happened to speak openly/publicly about the reality of how RMM treats people, but he's far from the only one that's bitter. Why can't all speak up on RMM's ill treatment?! Wishing they do, and soon!

  12. I'm beginning to agree with what some people are stating. Not only is RMM narcissistic, but she's also got borderline personality disorder thrown in the mix. How can dim Harry put up with this? He's completely enabling the problem. Dim, he's really quite dim.

  13. It's to late for them Joseph they have made their bed and how can people trust them when they have done and said so much. Trust is everything and if you don't have it for someone or thing then only God can give you that for that person or thing. They have done to much and MM is still doing and dragging stupid Harry with her! Just sayin…

  14. Hey Ellen Degeneras and Jessica Mullroney : I hope they see this post its in reaction to the statements made by them ::; you support the sacrifice of human beings or people that participate in that type of activity? To Jameel Jamel :Jibber Jabber right back at ya who ever you are ; Your buddy Meghan Markle is just that so the rest of us out in society aren't down for that !
    You say MM being bullied ha ha not quiet …So its ok for MM to bully the Cambridge kids and Kate and to strong arm at Prince Harry and blackmail the Royal Family ??? Get REAL !

  15. Superb reading … I don’t understand this racism thing Megan doesn’t even look black. Seems even if you have a drop of black in your genes you can use the race card if your called out for being an ar*e. .. Thanks for the reading and have to say I adore your voice I could listen to you for hours ❤️👍

  16. It's very interesting to see how, when M&H mess things ups, the Crown finds a way to smooth things over for the public. Taking a commercial flight is something I thought the crown prince would NEVER do!! I'm amazed! (but not surprised, because i follow Joseph Magi, and through his wonderful cards have learned that this is how the Royals handle PR nightmares!)

  17. I don't always agree with everything Piers Morgan says however I do like that he isn't afraid to speak his mind. And it's interesting that Pryanka Chopra apparently isn't friends with Meghan anymore and Serena Williams has been very quiet as well. Even George Clooney has been quiet.

  18. Norwich – it’s pronounced norridge
    Here’s one to throw in the mix Jessica works for Good morning America did she have any knowledge of the subject going out to air prior, of Prince George and his ballet lessons because somewhere that kids school itinerary was leaked

  19. Glad PW and DC cared what the UK people feel when things go left for the Royals because of PH and MM. They showed unity with the UK people and respected how they are feeling when PH and MM showed a double standard. Preaching but doing what they want doesn't fall right with the UK Tax payers, no matter who paid for the Jet. Don't say you are saving the world when you are destroying it with these private jets that really wasn't warranted. Don't say listen to me and lets be a force for change when they need to look at themselves to change and not preach, we have enough Preachers in the world. It didn't sit well and PW and DC listened and care…good job PW and DC that's leadership and you will sit great on the Throne…with the support of the people because you support us…peace and light, loved the Tea today.

  20. Another awesome reading. I was hoping you would do this one. Just so you know, I agree with everything you said in this video, especially about Jameela Jamil. I didn't know who she was either, I had to look her up. She's known for being obnoxious and outspoken. Those cupcakes are a dig at the English people. Let them eat cake. You know, while other people starve. Well if she wants to be like Marie Antoinette, then it's off with her head. Come on England. Don't let her get away with this. It's too late for her to change. The damage is done. She's a phony. She does't appreciate things. She's been with Prince Andrew too now. But yesterdays reading you did explains why the royal family puts up with her. Because she knows their secrets, Prince Andrews anyway.

  21. I certainly don't view PMorgan as "vengeful". What is vengeful about figuring out that this yacht-girl is a huge HYPOCRITE and NARCISSIST?? I am American, never heard of MM before PH met her & still don't care… It is pretty funny how she obviously is mastering her own disaster DESPITE so many attempts to "save" her. Almost too perfect, as if it is engineered. Perhaps in light of PA scandal MM is being used and is only just now figuring it out? One thing is for certain, there is NO way MM- even armed with her clintonstyle PR devil's & the backing of certain pedophile Israelimoss outlets would EVER be able to both outwit and outmaneuver the Royal reptilian Bloodline… I think such a person eventually finds that- they – are the pawn in the game. Makes sense if she's 'hiding out and stresses out'…

  22. I also heard that the flight was scheduled 6 months ago. Unless they were ordered by the Queen to do this as a ‘dig’, I really don’t think they are the game playing type. William can ill afford to that, after all he is the future king.

  23. People and their stupid FAKE "Bullying" claims. Do some of these people even know what Bullying really is? Bullying is when you heckle, tease, and put somebody down straight in front of them or face to face. Bullying is NOT posting appropriately formed opinions about a Public figure on Public Forums. Poor, poor MeGain!

  24. The trip was planned months ago. I am sick of the race card. When things don't go your way racist. Only thing left to say is I am tired of her lies and deception. How many future King's do you see carrying their own bags. Megan is the devil she had someone put out a nasty statement on Prince William and Duchess Catherine. Flying on the plan. The cup cakes are childish. Morgan knows alot more that he isn't putting out there. P Morgan keep up the good work. The British know. MM has done nothing but cause trouble since day one. It started with the Tiara, actually the engagement interview. I can't figure out why all of her stupid lies. If baby is 6 months old. I think birth date is January. Which with my math she was already pregnant at wedding. I could be wrong. I feel awful she ruined Eugenie's wedding by announcing it then. If Archie is real. I liked this reading a lot Joseph God Bless💕

  25. Pink who is raising gender fluid children. Where her daughter Willow told her that she's going to marry a black woman from Africa and are going to live with Pink till their house is finished being built.

  26. Hi Joseph, as a British person I can tell you ,we British people are watching this drama very closely, we are angry at the RF, all the queen thinks of is protecting Andrew, as for celebs Elton John just ruined his reputation, he lied ,

  27. Joseph, I myself would like Meghan and Harry if they were honest about what they're doing. It's all in the dark. Meghan acts like a diva. Always belittling Harry in public. Playing with the doll . Can't see archie at all. Just acting like a brat. Shes a control freak. Harry is just there. He's in the background. It's like this is Meghan's world. I think he's pussy whipped. Sorry about the term but I feel he is. She leads him around and he follows. That's why I don't like her. It's not her race, but it's the way she behaves. It's not right. She took his balls away from him. I hope that the rest of the people see her for what shes doing to Harry and the royal family. Its terrible. Send her away.

  28. This has nothing to do with racism. Hypocrites come in all colors.{ Not to mention MM had Caucasian on her CV}. These two are the top of the heap of hypocrites.

  29. I appreciate that Piers is willing to stand up and speak what others feel. I do not like liars and do not like being decieved. It is character not color. IMO its ridiculous to pull the race card when Megatrash herself puts her race as Caucasian. The sussex 🤡s have brought this on themselves and it is only going to get worse!

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