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28 thoughts on “Priya Kumar — Work Travel Repeat | Singapore”

  1. mam if u visit Assam . I will meet with u at any cost by travelling 300km.I m one of u r biggest fan .I watch u r videos . n I m also reader but I didn't read u r books as these books are not available at library.I request u to travel Assam which is naturally vibrant

  2. Respected madam, we are living in Singapore ,we are felt that same as good feelings in Universal studios singapore ,your way to explain to people is great ,it seems to be we are gone with you in universal studios singapore like that ,we will wait to your new books “TURN THE TABLES” on 26 th AUGUST 2019,God bless to you

  3. Wow! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing Priya….after your Maldives video with dolphins….I had made up my mind that I need to work very hard to save money so I will take my family along to experience the magic. And now this is so beautiful!!!! I'm now getting all the more ambitious..Singapore is definitely going to go on my List too……waiting for your next book ..'Turn the tables'. .wonder why u didn't mention about the book though which u always mention in your videos… I'm sure, u were all excited about your Singapore experience. Stay blessed. May u continue to inspire all of us and touch many more lives.

  4. Just amazing ……😍
    This world is really beautiful…. here I am happy in my short trips but definitely I will also go to see such a beautiful creation of this God but with my own money……thanks…..wish u luck ….n appreciate u n yr work……I hope u achieve more ….

  5. Thank you so much Priya Mam for this visual amazing experience..!! So lucky to be part of your journey …you describe small small things so precisely n perfectly that it literally feels as if I went there and had seen all the things by my own eyes.!!
    Hardcore love for your Sunday videos#Singapore diaries# love it❤️❤️

  6. Dear sister,
    This is Singapore. Where you'd be a fool to cling to any place held , where the treasures of space and memory being blasted into oblivion is the only certainty in the ferocious race for development.
    From south India
    Thank you so much

  7. Thank you so much Priya for such refreshing video..🌸 yes your adventures are so beautifully presented in your books specially licence to live and the perfect world 😊♥️

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