Proof Time Travel Is Possible

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  1. Rules for communicating in time:
    Establish attention, be polite, honest, identify yourself and date, give proof of event in future for them to verify truth, give warning without details, like casualties, don't give names of criminals before they start crimes or you will contribute to the crime, do not curse, try to be positive, try not to give a shadow of death, but when communicating through time you don't write it down and have time to think about what to say and not say without training yourself to avoid certain subjects. You can and it will help, but YOUR MIND IS BEING READ. The way it is communicated is esoterically, for example with kabbalah or tongues and you are at one with God. The receiver is a prophet. Use a medium like birds or noises or music or static electricity. They feel what you feel. Use charades, communicating through movement. All you have to do is believe it. Believe you can do it. The power of love is more Great than you can imagine. I have warned of WWI and WWII. I told Hitler with his own audience he does not win the war (clapping etc..). I warned of Korean Was Vietnam and I warned of the stock market crashes and I warned of Pearl Harbor attack in tongues with the President. I warned of 9-11 in Seinfeld & U2. I warned of the Tet Offensive in Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit and Somebody to Love, Doors and Rolling Stones. I warned of the BP oil spill and many more things like terrorist attacks on Colbert. I warned of many serial killers one was PeeWee in Sweet Caroline, by Neal Diamond concert. I warned of Pulse nightclub with Tom petty in Gainsville, Fl. I gave the names of the most costly hurricanes in Like a Hurricane by The Scorpions. I admit it is hard to decipher, but I heard my thoughts. You can do it too. Do it with Love. I do not work for the government. I volunteered.

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