Puerto Rican Evacuees Are Still Being Housed In NYC Hotels

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6 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Evacuees Are Still Being Housed In NYC Hotels”

  1. First off she sounds exactly like a NewYorican from the Bronx or somethin, not from the island at all. He sounds more like from the island. I understand people's cultures some pop out kids too many and too young…..with todays unstable environment and extreme overpopulation how can u in your right mind justify having children to raise them in a life of poverty? No opportunities? Even minimum wage in New York pays like 3 times the island at least AND you are getting FREE hotel housing, which is normally the toughest part about saving in a place like new york. Thats great they are in love and all ten years she said, but the husband? What the hell is he doing…not working? A few weeks or a month working and even with food costs etc (which i believe US taxpayer is paying hotel food everything for these people NO EXPENSES) could easily save a grand or two. Must be on the husband for not working. I dont mean to insult anyone with my comments and i am NOT racist there are whites black etc all different kinds of people pulling this shit acting like its the great depression…..just a WEAK mentality world we live in whiney overlysensitive lazy entitled.

  2. Alot of us in Florida thought they were here. It took us 4 months to get out of the hotel. And into an apartment that is substandard and shouldnt have passed housing
    I had to keep records of where we were looking for HUD VASH
    These are American citizens

  3. As much as it sucks it's not the government's responsibility to help u from a certain point on. A hotel room for 6 months is enough of the tax payers to pay. Now it's your responsibility to get out and restart your life.

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