r/murderedbywords | Private jets? Mega yachts? All of them!

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38 thoughts on “r/murderedbywords | Private jets? Mega yachts? All of them!”

  1. 5:43 plus Superman is not as bad person as Batman who
    1. Put his first son's gf pregnant
    2. Got his 3rd son's gf killed
    3. Throw his 3rd son out after getting biological kid
    4. Make his first son dig his own grave
    5. Lock his first son in cave without propher clothing and bed and make him eat bats and rats to stay alive
    6. Make 6 children fight dangerous lunatics and criminally insane murderers

  2. I asked my bartender friend to surprise me with a drink and this guy makes me the most expensive drink he could think of. A double rhubarb gin with rhubarb tonic. The one glass cost like £7. Never asking him to surprise me again 😂

  3. you know, it’s hard believing in god cause some of the people who believe in god with me, make us sound like idiots.

    Like bruh, they don’t believe in god, they don’t believe in god, that’s their choice

  4. Every time I hear a word or term be compared to the n-word, I always think of John Mulaney's (sorry if I misspelled his name) bit about that very topic:
    "If you're comparing the badness of two words, and you WON'T EVEN SAY one of them, that's the worse word"

  5. 7:05 Hello there, Ajit Pai. What exactly were you trying to say with this statement again?

    EDIT: Also fuck you, AjitPaiFCC and thank you whoever censored his username for not doing a very good job.

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