RABAT – The Capital City Of Morocco – TRAVEL VLOG

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33 thoughts on “RABAT – The Capital City Of Morocco – TRAVEL VLOG”

  1. great video!
    i really liked your channel, keep it up! keep on creating, you got a new subscriber !
    PS. I feel bad for asking but mind checking out my channel? If not then that's totally fine ! :D?

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  3. Aaron, thanks for the beautiful vlogs and your enthusiasm in visiting Morocco. Going to visit a dear Moroccan girlfriend in April 2019. Btw, I detect a little tad of an accent in your voice, Australian?

  4. I do not like rabat I do not know why. I get acquainted with people from the labas and I do not like their character they make great how to say that,? they are not serious poeple

  5. The train stations are built and decorated in traditional Moroccan style , we are proud of our identity ^^ you should visit the city of Salé or " Sallee" it's adjacent to Rabat on the other side of the Bouregureg river ! the English know it as the home of the "Sallee rovers" the fearless pirates of the 17 th century who reached Cornwall in UK , Iceland and Terre -Neuve in Canada ^^

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