Ranch Rescue – South Padre Island, Beach Day

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45 thoughts on “Ranch Rescue – South Padre Island, Beach Day”

  1. Jaylena, Jason. Y'all cute brown bunnies but please wear some sunscreen. Skin cancer is a serious problem. All that peeling from burn I saw next week worries me. I know its greasy gross whilst working they do make "dry" stuff now, at least try a little. Please. Love Love the video, Thanx 4 sharing!!!

  2. I think you should have gone to North Padre Island. Closer. Better Fishing. Pier for Shark Fishing. Food and Alcohol on the Pier. I learned the hard way….Never camp on Padre Island in July, Aug or Sept. Too hot, too many bugs and grit in the food. But as you see nobody around with beautiful views and excellent water temp

  3. great share @ beach. Eons ago, would go down to areas known as Big Shell/ little shell & camp fishing or bull reds. 70s.
    Glad see you'll had a good time.

  4. 100% Puffer. Jaylena is dead you need CPR holy sh&t BRO! BOOM StingRay is a shark ( modified) Matt is the shark master as stated. Morning fishing is good the fish wake up too! So much Boob shot this episode (( blushes at Jaylena)). Our package should get there soon. Big ol box 2x3x3 feet think water think clean think Off grid.

  5. I just stumbled across this video. Thank you for documenting the true beauty of my home town. I’m currently in the middle of Texas but watching this video made me a bit homesick. I think I hear the beach calling my name. 💕

  6. You guys are so fun! Love you Jaylena like the lil sis I never had (I;m the baby of 5)– This was fun for you (I hope) and us! Glad you got to have a break and some fun! You deserve it! Love watching your journey!~Kristy in Missouri!!! 🙂

  7. Pretty sunrise and beach there. Glad you took some time for some fun away from the ranch. I knew that was a puffer fish the minute you showed it. It's so easy to get fried at the beach, its happened to me a few times.

  8. I'm in Panama City Florida so I know what you mean about the water. BUT… Yay!!!! So glad you took a much needed break even if it was a short one. Oh baby girl I hurt for you with that burn. Hopefully you will get to go again before too long. Y'all deserved a break.

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