Reacting to my Sisters Video about MY BABY DADDY + UPDATE

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38 thoughts on “Reacting to my Sisters Video about MY BABY DADDY + UPDATE”

  1. I love you new tattoo…..I am pregnant and he/she won t be here until December and I had a son 9 years ago and unfortunately, he pass away so I am ready to be a mom again. Always love you❤

  2. God will send you someone who will stay, love you, love cell and always be there. Just ask God & pray. God can do ANYthing except fail remember that🎉✨🙏

  3. Damn sis I watched both vids & as a single mother who has also been thru some shit I was crying w u.

    Not to be cliche, but things will get better. My baby is 8 now & I've finally met my person 💜 I know u will too boo.

    Keep shining!!

  4. Gabi every time you talk about Dani I get a fuckin headache. Dani just really ain't shit, Gabi I always say you deserve better!! I'm a firm believer in cutting family off! Idc sister, mama, granny, cousin… if they toxic BYE!🤚🖕

  5. Your such a beautiful woman inside and out .. at the time I’m 10 weeks pregnant and this really brought me tears … I totally understand the hurt and pain .. this shows that twins are two different people seriously

  6. I only would suggest that you give your son the opportunity to get to know his father himself. There is so much negative content about his dad and you have the right to your opinion. But he deserves that. Maybe his dad is horrible, but let him decide that. Once again I completely respect where you are coming from, just my objective opinion.

  7. I am so disappointed that in 2019 you still have to relive all this shit. I think that Dani has her own demons she has to deal with and I am sure she is a great person but this just makes me sad for the both of you. I think the both of you really need therapy and not in a bad way. You just have some things you need to address.

  8. Gabby I think your sister was mad that your life was going in a direction that hers wasn’t. Y’all are twins and now your life is completely different from hers. She didn’t understand that’s why she had no empathy for you. She won’t understand until she has a child or matures. You know Danny will exploit anything for a dollar. 🥴

  9. You deserve the beautiful son that you gave birth to, no matter that his father isn't around. And don't apologize for crying, it's alright. It's what makes you human. I'm sure when Dani sees how you felt, she would understand your side of it and hopefully you two have a heart to heart. I think she genuinely just saw so much hatred for Victor rather than paid attention to how she treated you and was blinded by it. I don't believe she meant to be actually horrible to you.

  10. Dani is really toxic… it kinda sounds like she high key has a bit of resentment towards you for whatever reason. I pray one day that she either can love you the way you need or you find the strength to realize sometimes even family members are in your life for a season not forever and they need to be loved from a distance. It breaks my heart to see you cry about what you went through =(…. not to mention as someone who actually did lose their dad as a kid that's an absolutely disgusting and evil suggestion to make… losing a parent is traumatic spiritually and emotionally. Your sister needs some help. Like for real how evil must you be to wish TRAUMA on a person you love because of an issue you have with someone else.. tf?!?!… that's narcissistic, emotionally abusive; what's worse is she does it on purpose and that's hella FOUL.

  11. Gabbi, you’re so fucking strong because I couldn’t even began to deal with a quarter of the shit you deal with on a daily basis. I’m a cancer, and I’m a extremely private person so I would’ve BEEN put both your baby daddy and Danni in their places… Then went in permanent hermit mode after all this.

  12. Gabi omggggg I swear I cry when u cry. U just have such a beautiful soul and it really shows in your videos. You're just so amazing. Keep being YOU ma ma ♥️

  13. I was in tears watching this. I’ve went through the exact emotions during both my pregnancies. It’s so heartbreaking feeling alone and doing everything alone when your carrying a child. You’re so strong gabby ❤️ Such a good mama ❤️

  14. I hope Danni has seen this, and opens her eyes.. Sending you lots of love and light angel, I hope you see this. Been a fan for a long time. I’d do anything for you no matter what time or day, 24/7 if we were best friends. You’re amazing.

    With love, Jay💖✨

  15. 6:11 to 7:00 is how I feel all the time. I always question my mothering because of my age I’m 22 with a 2 year old daughter so I feel like I have to find a balance to where she can express herself but also not rushing her to grow up. I’m struggling with it everyday

  16. Honestly this video and her sisters video should be deleted. Imagine if her kid ever watched this? Or if kids started bullying him telling him no one wanted him alive? It’s a cruel fucking world & you two GROWN ASS BITCHES need to get your shit together! Not everything needs to be publicized! Get off YouTube, stop exposing each other & get a real fucking job.

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