Reaction to rumored prices for Disney's Star Wars themed hotel

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39 thoughts on “Reaction to rumored prices for Disney's Star Wars themed hotel”

  1. As a die hard Star Wars fan, I am deeply sad to hear about how expensive this prices are for a family. If this is true, many families all around the country won’t be able to afford to experience it because of the prices. Disney needs to stop making trip to the park so expensive. I hope isn’t true.

  2. This is for the rich AND financially irresponsible. Most wealthy people didn't get there by spending like this. No hotel "experience" is worth this, considering the competition of vacations at that price, even for the people that do have the money.

  3. I wouldn't write off Galaxy's Edge yet. After Rise of the Resistance gets completed, they will activate the rest of the immersion and guest interactivity that was originally planned for launch. Disney is highly adaptive and will learn from guests to get the experience dialed in right over time. As I've said numerous times (but it bears repeating), one thing it really needs is MUSIC. Both Disneyland and STAR WARS use MUSIC as a key element of immersion and yet Galaxy's Edge is an amazingly quiet and song-less place. There should be John Williams music coming out of every open space and inside the attractions. And the Market should have live performers making song. Imagine Main Street without music. New Orleans Square without music. Fantasyland without music. STAR WARS without that epic music. And I'd say the same thing about the upcoming hotel. Sound and music are key to the total experience.

  4. My adult children and I have a DW savings account that we all contribute to. Our Plan was to all go to DW together and stay in the SW hotel. We have $8k in the account. If all of us were to go it would cost $14.4k!!! With Disney's definition of "fully immersive" I say no way in hell are we going!!!!

  5. Hopefully LARP is at the hotel, food like a cruise ship, shows like a cruise ship and activities like a cruise ship. If you are just dizzy with Star Wars basically it would be worth it. Might take me a couple years to save up to go but HOPEFULLY worth it.

    If they cut back on things like they did at Galaxies Edge lots of people will be disappointed

  6. Here’s what I don’t understand. Disney is supposed to be for families, right? The average family can’t afford this. True Star Wars fans are already very disappointed with Galaxy’s Edge and with the new movies. So who’s going to be staying at this hotel? The 1%? I don’t see this as being a success. In fact, I feel like Star Wars is going to mark the end of Disney’s reign. All because Disney doesn’t listen to and doesn’t really care about its fans AT ALL! I think a lot of Star Wars fans and Disney fans have pretty much had enough. And after finding out how little they pay their cast members at the parks, I no longer have any interest in going back.

  7. No…not a good or comparative price to anything. Cruise Ship pricing is way less. DISNEY Cruise pricing is known to be way higher then other cruise lines. That being said I have been on many different cruise lines and DCL experience IS way better then other cruise lines. Only time will tell if it’s worth it.

  8. It will be sold out only 70 rooms and there are way more then enough wealthy people that will pay these prices and you can bet your bottom dollar if this is a big hit your going to see theses kind of prices more and more in the parks and resorts because Disney would rather have smaller crowds that spend much more In the future Disney is going to be for the super rich only

  9. The average person is being priced out of the Disney theme parks!! Ticket cost, lodging, merch, food and have you seen the prices of alcohol lately?! It’s flat out robbery! Disney is pissing a lot of people off lately. It’s partly the reason GE is failing

  10. Fair reporting 👍🏻
    I’m a man who is lucky enough to be able take my family to this new hotel ….
    will I?
    Why ???
    All of the Lies and hype surrounding galaxies edge is the reason why …
    I know longer trust the executives at Disney.
    I’m in construction… We traveled together through a four year journey … watching the SWGE construction on this channel. (Those were better days… Before the empire)
    I am bitterly disappointed over what the bean counters did to galaxies edge.
    I appreciate FB doesn’t seem to be hyping the ride or the land any longer.
    It’s understandable FB wants to stay in the good graces of the executives… Yes it’s important… You want and need the access… fine …
    But at the SWGE kick off WE 🚀 !!?!
    I had my family at a three night stay at the Grand Californian… We had the second boarding pass in the galaxies edge that weekend.
    What a burn !!!!!?!????!!!!!!!
    What would it take to regain my trust as a long-standing patron?
    They would need to fix galaxies edge and provide what they promised.
    Always “under promise and over deliver“ remember that executives…
    Regain my trust? Fix the land?? Provide what was promised ???? that seems an impossible task.
    Why would I want to go to a Lux Hotel experience when I know what the existing SWGE experience is like?
    I won’t do it.
    David, I hope Iger himself looks at your stuff… I hope some Iger minion reads my comment and considers it well.
    They do deserve all the embarrassment they are feeling from the public.
    “Burn me once shame on you..,”

  11. jajajajaja
    now Disney goons are gone mad , jajaja losing money on Galaxy Edge and you charge a insane amount of money per person for 2 days? jajajajaja for a mock-up Fantasy Island Star Wars with NO star Wars on it, jajajaja Bob Eiger are you secretly working for Universal??? jajajajaja every time i read the price range I laugh non-stop

  12. That solo 2-night stay works out to a 5-night stay in the Disneyland area for 2 including airfare, shuttles & food. Looks like I shall have to admire from afar. Very, very far.

  13. ⚠️‼️⚠️‼️⚠️‼️⚠️‼️⚠️
    DUUUDE, you’re so scared to speak your honest truth, you can hear it in the nervous trembling when you speak. You even nervously laugh when you’re talking about the prices because you KNOW they’re absurd!
    Honestly, how many people are just going to be dropping that kind of money for ONLY the hotel experience and not the parks? Yeeeeah right!

    You’re so afraid to say anything bad about Disney when you shouldn’t be, because Disney should listen us when call them out when they’re trying to be slick and see us as mindless, loyal, walking ATMS.

  14. Comparing this to a cruise is definitely the right way of thinking about it. That is how Disney is thinking about it. It will likely be presented that way as well, as a cruise in space. You will probably follow a specific route (through space) in the Star Wars universe and will have an "excursion" to Batuu. You will also likely have encounters with Star Wars characters, perhaps something like the Millennium Falcon docking on your ship and Rey & Chewie coming on board and inviting you to join them on Batuu. I expect it will include all your food and drink on the ship (hotel), with alcohol being extra. If you look at Disney Cruise Line these prices are slightly higher, and it's arguable if they're going to be able to give you more value for it. I think it all depends on the level of immersion and how many people really want that sort of thing. Also it's worth noting that Disney cruises are already priced a decent amount above their competitors so take that as you will.

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