Real Time Travel Photos No One Can Explain

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46 thoughts on “Real Time Travel Photos No One Can Explain”

  1. The spaceman was added in 1992 during a restoration of the cathedral. I’m pretty sure spacemen were around in 1992. Fucking mystery my arse. Whole video is utter dog shite. Keep up the good work.

  2. Throughout the video you support the claims of time travel; the claims applicable to each of the images shown in the video. You even go as far as to create your very own claims, each of which containing statements that are entirely fabricated and disproven by utilizing a very simple Google search. I get that you’re into this sort of material, as am I, and likely the majority of those who chose to watch this video. It would be awesome if you provided us with facts. And, if the facts are absolutely unattainable, then tell the viewers. The number of Internet Sleuths prowling the World Wide Web’s content is actually quite shocking when first learning the estimate. However, if you want to get a job done, and said job is similar to my aforementioned request, they are the right people, nay, the only people for the job. They also spend lots of time on the Deep side of things. I’m personally an IT Professional, so I spend lots of time in the Deep End also, but this is to practice my various security based tools/capabilities/newly learned material.

  3. Yeah, can we put an end to "proof of time travel, ordinary item mistaken by modern idiots to be a cell phone" now? I genuinely thought this video would be interesting but most of it was "person holds something that isn't a phone, people from current times think it's a phone, somehow".

    Time travel is a subject that interests me but a lot of current claims of proof are just idiotic and illogical.

  4. Why do you even produce such nonsense . Yes he probably is rolling a smoke, did a hundred times myself in earlier days. 2nd Monroe is posing. That means fake attention to something to get effect they were after. Off I go in search of something s little less farcical.

  5. This is stupid, he could be holding ANYTHING, like a fucking rock, post it, cig, maybe got a cut, ANYTHING, and people just jump to conclusions, PHONE FUCKING PHONE, brain dead rats…..

  6. The guy in the first photo could be an undercover cop searching for a criminal or missing person and what they are looking at in their hands is a photograph. But he could just be rolling a cigarette. He’s also not the only guy on the beach with all his clothes on !

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