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  1. Great review stayed here 3 times from the uk . We have had a few issues each time we have stayed rooms not cleaned till late afternoon towels not changed damp bedding but staff are very helpful problems sorted quickly .Not far from Disney and Walmart around corner would stay again highly recommend staying here

  2. Is there public transport to get you to the Disney parks near the hotel – eg a bus ? Or if you didn’t have a rental car would you need to get a taxi / Uber ?

  3. That's why I take online reviews with a pinch of salt because at the end of the day there are more moaners than optimistic people in this world. Given the choice guys would you rather stay in a Disney property or off property? We've done villas, motels and DVC and liked em all.

  4. I loved seeing this. Years ago it looked so dodgy. Mirrored doors/windows out the front and there was an eat all you can seafood restaurant inside called Angels, it was where there diner style restaurant is. I would have never recommended this place though based on how it used to look, so it was a lovely surprise seeing how clean and modern it looks now.

  5. Ah yes, the brakes on the bike – if they don’t have hand brakes, then they have pedal brakes which work by you reversing the way you would normally pedal, and THAT activates the brakes. It looks like a great hotel for the price – something we always keep in our mind if we want to do a quick unexpected trip with our APs and we have run out of DVC points.

  6. It looks comfortable. Some like something really fancy with a lot more perks so that maybe why it has a low rating. It looks like a great place to stay.

  7. I have to be honest. I'm not overly excited about the hotel. Outside it looks more like a high school than a hotel. Having said that it looks clean and if the price is reasonable then it gives you a base for your trip.

  8. we stayed here when it was the holiday inn niki bird in the late ninties and early 2000s our children loved it .There used to be a childrens entertainer called wacky wizard who used to do magic tricks and make balloon animals it was so close to wdw with loads of restaurants nearby. Can you walk to walmart from there?

  9. Hey guys! After hearing from you in previous vlogs how convenient this hotel was, how clean it was and that you have enjoyed it, I have secured a room for November when I plan to go to Florida! It looks fab and like you say, it does the job and you have been happy there. Right up my alley! Looking forward to it xx

  10. This was great, always good to have as many options as possible when looking for a hotel. I've stayed down the street from this hotel, will have to look into it for my next trip. Thanks guys!!

  11. Hi both, we are enjoying watching your videos. As Disney fans we always love seeing it through the eyes of other fans.

    Love the suite, might consider that for a trip next year (at All Star Sports for our second trip in autumn).

    BTW, the restaurant you showed at beginning was open all week – Sunday to Thursday until 11pm and until midnight Friday and Saturday.

  12. Hi guys. I stayed at The Red Lion on my solo trip January last year. Unfortunately the restaurants were being refurbished so it was all shut but the upgrade looks really nice now. I had a lovely stay and ubered everywhere so was really convenient. I'm going back to Orlando this coming December but staying onsite this time. If I was on a budget I would have no issues staying there again, all the staff were lovely and like you say the communal areas are very clean and tidy.

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