Red UFOs Near Downtown Las Vegas On Multiple Occasions

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26 thoughts on “Red UFOs Near Downtown Las Vegas On Multiple Occasions”

  1. Wow Steve great catch that streak looks like a massive craft ill be loading that one video hopefully today i cant edit my own music like i wanted to but i also dont want to wait any longer another great video Steve peace brother!

  2. Fascinating footage Steven. Simply awe inspiring to watch this stuff. There is no doubt in my mind these crafts make themselves known to you.. all the thousands of hours of footage.. there’s no other explanation. God bless you Steven and thank you for sharing this amazing footage. 🙏🏼❤️

  3. Been thinking steve,about the amount of bases near you,so close together&all those mountains.You could have one of "the"entrances to inner earth right on your doorstep.I'm sure you're familiar with the Anshar,could explain all the craft buzzing around near you as well.

  4. Steven , I caught that streak as well , I have a pic of it I haven't posted it or a couple of others yet ,I called it a a string of pearls , My pic shows just as yours except there's also a white link between the balls of light .The red something funny about the way they slowly lower and ……bip! , lites out ,scratching my noggin on those . Everything you caught here is basically in my neighborhood maybe someday I 'll leave my number and any action over Nellis area or Frenchman give a shout maybe we both can verify and pin-point or at least get a deeper perspective …just a thought .great stuff though .

  5. Could be a High Tech Production company flying drones at night and they were playing "cat & Mouse" wt the cops helicopters…. OR Metro Police testing Night Time Ops using drones….The Key is how the Helicopter reacts in going to the spot the light disappears at. WHY did that happen? Its to coordinated to be a coincident. I say they are playing some high tech surveillance game testing out their toys…..You do know a helicopter can fly over your house and using infrared and thermal radar can see your heat signature on its monitor…..Next Toy is an auto override to your Smart House that they can turn on – THANKS TO YOU buying the "Flat Screens" with the cameras they can utilize at anytime they want using SURVEILLANCE as an excuse……Say Cheese

  6. Great video… My friend and I were on top of a mountain one night and saw three red lights in a line like a radio relay tower…. Within the next hour they kept separating and came closer to us until we were surrounded by 11 red lights… They looked exactly like that…

  7. Awesome video. Love that you spotted that long streak of lights on the right of that red pink UFO. It looks a lot like the one in the other video you recently posted, the one with the beautiful colors over Blue Diamond Mountain.
    Love that it shows that helicopter going to the area of the first UFO, and then returns back to where it came from. Well done. Enjoyed it, thanks.

  8. Hi Steven. These remind me of the video you have of many pinkish/red orbs of light, which followed each other down and in a straight line, headed towards one area, then disappeared one after the other. Just seemed to vanish into thin air! Do you know the one I’m talking about? They were heading away from the camera, on the left of screen as I watched it, towards an area where you described it as a lot of nothing, aside from a handful of big, expensive homes on the right of where they disappeared. Were those like these or did they wind up being something else ?
    (Btw, I finally made it to the PO on Friday afternoon.) I hope you’re still enjoying nice weather! It’s pretty hot here.

  9. I never saw the red/pink ones. Remember, for years I watched them drop into the mountains on your left (The real Sunrise Mountain) if you were going to the lake. I did see two white dots in that same area. I was with someone and we both saw the dots were one on top of the other. Suddenly, they headed out over Las Vegas leaving a gold laser like stripe behind both of them , then they disappeared. Saw that only once. But the area that you have captured is very busy. The people who live in the horse properties between Lamb Blvd and Pecos, and Lake Mead Blvd to Craig were very used to these craft shooting over their houses.

  10. Only question is whether they cloaked or slipped into another dimension,because they totally vanish as we all saw.I was watching a vid. earlier& that line of light's you caught rang a bell so i put the link in here for you they appear at 14:55 if you want to skip straight to it,only's of one of mavi777's i know you aren't keen but i thought it was relevant

  11. Around those same dates, as my wife and I were driving home from Henderson, NV, driving north on I-95, we saw three of those large, red, round UFOs, low in the sky at the base of the mountain. One was moving horizontally right to left (east to west) and it passed behind some trees. There was some up and down movement of these orbs as well. We could see them for upwards of a minute (maybe two minutes), then they disappeared. All of this occurred in daylight, although late in the day. We were astonished! Thank you for your videos.

  12. Thank you Bro. Have you considered those pink lights are drones? I mean I dont know but it was just a thought. However, they dissapeared in neighborhoods. Somebody HAD to of seen these things??

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