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  1. You guys should leave this girl alone. She might be tge one to bring love to the man's life. Okoya thomas Eleganzer .. married
    Shade who was almost the same age with Regina. And shade is the last wife. Regina could be his last wife. Whatever a man or woman sow they will reap.

  2. Regina Daniel, my child don't think u are the last wife for him, because the beautiful one's are not yet born. you people are six now,he's still searching for another one more beautiful then u,CU's he has the money,and every woman hungry for money just like u too. o love u regeee.

  3. Please the Nigerians,should stop having headache because of other people's matter,this world is a free life to lives in. Everyone are free to do what ever he or she like,provided is not crime. Regina Danniel's is above 18yrs,she is free to married a man of her choice,she and her patient doesn't complain,why must people be having heart attack or headache about Regina Danniel's married to a 59yrs old man. She own her life to live. Please stop making noesse and plan your life.

  4. Regina Daniel is one of the most down to earth Nollywood celebrities I ever met, I swear forget her hustle you have to give humility to her. Anything that makes you happy love. remain blessed

  5. What’s our business…. they both have the right to do as they choose. Let them be!!! Sade Okoya and Rasaq Okoya are very happy together. I wish them all the best.

  6. this man is not even a true Muslim,, with Regina is 6 wives apart from the women that have kids for him.. I know of one beautiful Moroccan girl that had a baby for him,, I know of another woman living in London she have two kids. He is not married to this people… there is nothing wrong with being a womaniser but don't blame it on Islam because he's not true

  7. Otherwise of this man are not showing up on Instagram ((1..))
    (( 2)) they are more mature and more civilised…
    ((3)) is normal when a man marries new wife the newest One is the favourite one until she's not..(4)) being Muslim have nothing to do with Marion plenty of wife..
    ((( 5))) as a Muslim if you must marry you are allowed to marry 4 wives….
    (( 6))) this man is a chronic womaniser he have six wives but there's not enough because it still have girlfriends…
    ((7)) I don't believe Regina is going to live in London, if you are the man would you send your new wife to live abroad????
    ((8 )All this showing of Regina is doing is going to end in a few months time…
    ((( 9)) if this womaniser can marry 6) he can marry( 7) wives.
    ((10)) if she is ashamed to show the man off now .what will happen when heis man is 80 years old…
    (( 11)) the problem with this kind of marriage is that when you leave them you lose everything…
    ((( 12))) of course when you are married to them. you going to be giving her house because their own children have to be protected.. but when you leave him you leave the house….
    ((( 13)) men like this you don't say no to them ,you only say yes, because you don't have a choice..
    (( 14)) and they're not going to respect to you as a woman…
    They are allowed to sleep with whoever they want you are the wife have to stay at home and stay miserable…
    ((((( when they're dancing she can even dance with the man she can not even make eye contact with the man))))
    (((( do you think this man is a fool??? you think the way she's hiding him ,,the way she is denying that she's married ,,you think the man doesn't know that she like his money???
    (((( every married woman in this world is proud to say I'm married..
    Of course the man is enjoying because he's going to get her pregnant and keep her aside

  8. This would have been interesting to me if
    (1) the man doesn't have money
    (2) never married before

    Anyways, it is their life. I don't know why u bloggers won't let them be. Honestly, u are doing more harm than good by making unnecessary videos like this.

  9. People should focus on God not Regina .pls am sick and getting tired of all these rubbish talk. People r all after human being.whats your business if she marry 80 years old man all dat matters in marriage is love not age.

  10. that beautiful girl just throw her life away by becoming this man wife he is old and ugly plus she will have to cover her beauty how will she enjoy that money without the man she loves i don't think she did it for herself i think her family is behind all this they sold her. you know some african can behave when they see whealth happiness of their children is not important a man who think you can buy anything or anyone on earth there is no place for you in heaven enjoy while you down here my husband is muslim there is no way i was going to trade my jesus for mohamed i told him in the beginning take it or leave it he try but did not succed i'm still praising my jesus you break my heart regina i tough of better future for you not this i admire you so much i wished you marry my son who is 21 your pics are all over my facebook page my heart is broken

  11. If indeed Regina is married to this 59 year old guy,then trust me someone or somebody will be forking her on his behalf!.
    Secondly,what does Regina want in life?.
    Is it just greed to inherit what ever properties the guy has, because he will soon join his ancestors!
    What a world!

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