Renegades React to… HAZBIN HOTEL (PILOT)

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39 thoughts on “Renegades React to… HAZBIN HOTEL (PILOT)”

  1. I don't care if someone likes or dislikes the pilot, you are free to dislike the pilot, however the guy who reviewed it where the dislikes were huge, the review was not good, that's why people disliked it. You can bring up reasons why you dislike it, but he did not seem to get it at all.

    His reasoning for disliking the show made him look stupid. He criticized things like introducing a lot of characters, which is a point that a pilot is suppose to do. This isn't suppose to be for kids, and yet he kept bringing up it's nothing like Disney or Nickelodeon, it's not suppose to be, it's suppose to be for adults.

    Also the people who hate it, tend to go through the it's homophobic, it's racist, which no it's not. The gay characters happen to be gay, but that's not the reason why they're in hell. The characters are actual demons, giving reason why they're assholes.

  2. I really enjoyed this pilot. It definitely has a lot going for it in terms of art, characters, and humor. Itll be fun to see where they take this when they get more episodes finished.

  3. Before the reaction even started.

    SMG: "We don't like musicals."
    Me: Okay.

    SMG: "We have opinions."
    Me: Little cringey, but sure.

    SMG: "Tumblr trash."
    Me: Just cringe inducing.

    SMG: "This was disliked by people on tumblr."
    Me: What was the point of the"tumblr trash" cringe?

  4. If Nic is referring to the video by PKRussl where he reviewed it then it's partially because of the fandom that he got so many dislikes, but it's also because he just said that he didn't like it and was shitting all over it. He didn't really raise a lot of valid criticisms against this show considering a lot of his points either removed context from what he was talking about or he didn't know what he was talking about.

  5. The guy who said he didn't like it was ridiculed because all his points weren't based in logic

    He made comments like how the show would "scar children" when the show is clearly aimed at an older audience

    He also made points entirely based off opinions like saying a certain character was trash because his voice actor was over the top

  6. Yeah, the guy who made the video saying "OooOOO hazbin hotel BAD because I said so" was pretty much exposed for rushing out his video and not even taking the time to think about the jokes, and story and he pretty much yeeted himself into a tsunami of dislikes. He pretty much "Ok Boomer"d himself.

  7. If the reviewer you talked about was Pkrussl, i can assure that he doesnt made any valid points im hus video. And this isnt coming from a long time fan of Hazbin, I just disovered it a few days ago.

  8. "Tumblr Trash" is a good name for what tends to happen. Every good animation in this world succumbs to the worst of it's fanbase, who gets all the attention. I know Hazbin will probably have the same fate, but I wanna give it a chance and ignore the controversies around it. It's the highest quality animation I've ever seen on YouTube, reminds me of old Cartoon Network, even. That kind of artistic vision is rare on YouTube these days. It needs it.

  9. There is actually some pretty deep background for the characters. Take Alaestor for example(POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING!!))

    He was a radio guy and a serial killer, which is his persona. He got shot in 1933 by a hunter cause he got mistaken by a deer, hence the horns. He also believes that smiling is a sign of superiority which is why he always smiles. Every character has some kind of backstory which also explains their design.

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