Rental Property #14 Ready to Sell and Use in a 1031 Exchange After the Remodel

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22 thoughts on “Rental Property #14 Ready to Sell and Use in a 1031 Exchange After the Remodel”

  1. I don't see anywhere else to put the fridge, again, too bad they don't make thinner fridges. If I bought the house and had the funds, I think taking out the wall and using the current counter space for the fridge would be better.

  2. Nice touch, putting the refrigerator where you did…… the kitchen is puny, especially for a 5br house. I would have put the sink on the other wall so there could be a small window above it.

  3. I have a story on that! I had to sell one of my homes during the crash at lower than market value (had to get rid of it). I sold it myself, lightly staged with a lock box since I was an hour away. I get an email from someone in the newly constructed subdivision across the street reaming me a new one because of how I priced the house. I blew it off. A few days later someone who said they saw the inside but had questions asked if I would come show it to them. You guessed it, subdivision man with his Dad and his son…because a venting email wasn't enough they wanted to pitch fork me. Neighbors heard the confrontation and helped getting them leave. People can get weird!! Under contract is 24 days. Best of luck Mark!! I have really been enjoying your progression into commercial properties!

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