Rental Property Destroyed. Full of Piss Jugs and Garbage

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17 thoughts on “Rental Property Destroyed. Full of Piss Jugs and Garbage”

  1. You can’t NEVER trust a landlord when they say “This was all new” 98.99% of them are lying.

    All they do is collect the rent and ghost the tenants when a repair is needed. When say tenants leave because they are tired of paying rent and not getting things fix, the landlords pull this video recording Shit full of accusations, noting that the other party, the tenants are not present to defend themselves.

  2. Everything was not "brand new"
    because it's NEVER brand new
    when you rent a rental.
    Just stick to the facts,
    your property has enough
    damage and grossness without
    you exaggerating the truth.

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